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Get Rid of Bedbugs Washington DC

Updated on April 16, 2011
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How to get rid of Bedbugs in Washington DC

So I had the horrible experience of not only learning that there are bedbugs in washington dc, but I also learned that my apartment, especially my couch, was infested with bedbugs in washington dc. The thing is that I didn't know what a bedbug looked like so when I saw a picture of one I almost died. My heart sank because not only did I have them running around my apartment, but I didn't think bedbugs grew as large as they did. So here is how i dealt with them and how I finally got rid of my bedbugs in washington dc. I do have to say that i found one in the closet today, however it was dead!

The first thing to do is to identify where the bedbugs are coming from. Once you find the infestation you quickly get rid of it. My landlord and the exterminator said I could keep my couch, we used Orkin btw and they did a good job, but the reality is that if you want to get rid of them, the first thing is to get rid of the main source of the problem. It can be your bed, your couch, your dresser or anywhere you are finding the majority of them. You'll know when you find the infestation because you'll see their fecal matter everywhere and it is gross. The nice thing though is that you can help to stop them from spreading to other furniture. The reason I threw my couch out is because I was reading about people who have had visits from the exterminator 5 times (Orkin only had to come to my apartment twice) and still weren't rid of them. The people who have had success getting rid of bedbugs just threw out the main problem.

Treating your apartment for Bedbugs.

The next thing to do is to buy Bedlam and bag up your clothes. The Orkin guy was shocked when he saw it in my apartment because it is pretty much the same thing that they use. I ripped off the bottom of my couch and other furniture (the fabric bottoms) and sprayed about a bottle into each. That was extremely excessive but I mean business. I also was able to prevent my chair and other furniture from the same set from getting infested. I also sprayed a thick coating of Bedlam across all of the baseboards in my apartment and on closet shelves and in some problem areas along the ceiling where I was finding them.

I then vacuumed everyday using the wand and corner tool to cover each of the baseboards so that I can suck them up and suck their eggs up too. You have to do this for 30 days straight after each treatment. This is probably one of the most important things you can do to get rid of bedbugs in Washington dc, as well as any other city.

Even with all of this you may still see some running around. The Orkin guy told me that I would still see them but they should look sick or dying and I would see less and less. I'm finally just about free of them because I have only seen two this week and the one I found today was already dead or very close to being dead. You will also want to buy Intercepter Climb Ups.

I agree that these things are way to overpriced, but since there is no competition they can charge how much they like. Amazon and bed bath and beyond are the best places to buy them. Bed bath and beyond is more expensive (it's where I bought mine which you can see in the picture) but I didn't want to wait since I already went through treatment. The Intercepter climb ups are great because you put the legs of your furniture in the center and you'll be able to see if the bedbugs are inside your furniture or just trying to get in. It helps you monitor how well you have been getting rid of them as well by how many are getting caught or lost.

Treating clothes for Bedbugs.

Clothes are a tricky thing. I didn't think that bedbugs could live in closets or shelves or drawers but apparently they can. What I did was put all of my clothes in garbage bags and then put them in another one upside. I think bought two large plastic crates which you'll see in the picture and I started doing a ton of laundry. I used one container for clean clothes and one for non washed for bed bugs. I would start by putting my clothes, shoes, etc... (yes bedbugs can live and travel in shoes and purses) in the dryer for 25+ minutes on high heat. I ended up destroying some of my clothes but they had to get treated and I knew the risk. The 25+ minutes on high heat is supposed to kill bedbugs. I then either put them into the clean basket or would send them through the washing machine and dryer again if they were washable. If for some reason something cannot be put in the dryer, take it to the drycleaners and then put it in a plastic bag and freeze it in your freezer for a week or two. I'm not sure but that is supposed to kill them as well. Then when all your clothes have been cleaned and all of the bed bugs that may have been in them are dead, you can now throw the bins out or clean them out. You also don't want to have any clothes, ties, socks, etc... on the floor every for any reason.

Getting rid of Bedbugs in Washington DC.

Getting rid of my bedbugs in DC wasn't easy and thank god I am finally rid of them...or almost because the one I found today was dead or very close to dying.  You cannot take to much care.  Use bedlam, dry, wash and then dry again all of your clothes, sheets, bed spreads, etc...   Call Orkin or another exterminator and expect them to come at least 2 or 3 times.  Spray all of your paintings, pictures, shelves, dressers, nightstands, etc....  They can crawl up walls, live in ceilings, etc.... so you have to spray everywhere and everything. The most important thing to remember about getting rid of bedbugs in washington dc is to never give up and keep killing them.  Vacuum everyday to suck up their eggs and them and get rid of the vacuum bags or dump the cups outside of your apartment and make sure none are left in it.  If you find a live one, crush it inside toilet paper and flush it down the toilet.  Just make sure they are dead and out of your house and spray bedlam all over the area you found it and then vacuum once the bedlam dried.  Getting rid of bedbugs in dc is not easy but can be done.  Good luck and let me know how you are doing with getting rid of your bedbugs in washington dc as well. 


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