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How to Get Organized in Our Daily Life

Updated on November 10, 2020
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A freelance writer since 2011 and has been graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi, India

Get organized

Get Organized

Picture the scene: You are about to leave your home for an important business meeting. You have to hurry as you are already late. Your wife along with kids was out and will not be back before night. You get ready but when you reach your door to close it, you find that you don't have the keys to lock it. You looked for every possible place it might have been kept. But did not find. In a hurry to go the meeting you while looking for the key, you turned upside down everything in the house.

You could have avoided this situation if you fix a place for keys of your house and the last person who used it kept it there. Very often we found ourselves spending our precious time looking for a thing which we want to use in our daily life. Sometimes it may be a pen, or a pencil, a book or a knife, a shirt or a trouser, or a pair of shoe, the list goes on.

It is time to get organized if you're in the same situation pictured above. If you are feeling scattered and frustrated as a result of disorganization, you need to take steps to be organized by clarifying your objectives, priorities and how you want your lifestyle and belongings rearranged. Try to keep stuff where it belongs.

In this fast forwarding generation, time is very precious. We can save a lot of time and money by organizing ourselves and our home.

Organize your space. Whether it's your home, kitchen, bedroom, office, desk, computer, closet or locker, you need to see what's in there, throw away anything you don't often use (or put it efficiently in storage) and give everything else a convenient and clearly designated space.

Before you start organizing things, sort out thing which you want to keep and the thing to be thrown out. Otherwise, you will be stuffing things which you no more required and it will eat up space, time and money. So, it is important to sort out things which you are using frequently and the things which you use once in a while. Allocate easily accessible space to things which are frequently used.

The first step is to fix a place for each and everything which we use in our daily life. When your son or daughter come back from his/her school, help them to keep their books, bag, and lunch box, shoes, tie, I-card etc in a fixed place so that they won't get lost somewhere in the house. It will save time in the next morning when they get ready for school.

Some tips for getting organized

Have a place for your bills. Arrange it as per the due date. Open all the mails immediately dispose off the outer cover along with junk mail. It will save your time when you are looking for bills to make payment.

In the kitchen, it is better to keep all the spices arrange in tins with labels. It will save time. Otherwise, you have to open and see what spice is in it unless it is transparent. There should be a place for your knife. After using the knife, you have to keep it back in its place. Which will help you easily find it when you want it next time. It will save your time also.

Also, fix a place for your utensils. Keep it back after use in that place only.

Keep separate cupboard for keeping clothes of each person in your house. Offseason dress can be kept away safely so that you will have enough space for keeping your dress. Also use a hanger, which is very safe and you can find your clothing very easily.

Have a separate place for keeping your cell phone. Set up a cell phone charging station where you keep your cell phone. Also, keep a pencil and notepad near your telephone to take note of numbers or other matters.

Develop a habit of keeping the things back its place after using it. (Experts says that it will take around 20-30 days of practice to develop a habit)

You will find different systems in the market to keep your files, and other documents arranged.

Once you organize your home, you will find it very helpful and you can save a lot of time as well as money.

You can also organize your personal appointments by using a calendar. It could be a desktop Calender or tabletop calendar, wall calendar etc. If you have a busy schedule in your office or business it is better to keep a diary. Very often refer to your diary before you fix up an appointment. Leave enough time to get ready for the next meeting. If you have to travel from one meeting place to another meeting, calculate the approximate time for the traveling and adjust appointment accordingly. There are possibilities of extended meeting time. If you think one meeting is going to take more time, adjust your next meeting accordingly.

Using a planner is very convenient for you to plan your day, week and month in advance.

Do all your shopping once. Going shopping whenever there is a requirement is obviously a waste of time. Plan your shopping in advance. Make a list for the month or week. Note down the things you want to buy in a notepad as soon as you remember it. It will save time. Do all your errands at the same time. Pay all your bills once a month.

Make a phone book to note down the phone numbers. Also, it is useful to create a birthday/anniversary list. At the beginning of the year, put all the birthdays/ anniversaries and important days in your diary or calendar where you frequently look. You don't want to miss the important days of your dear ones. It will help you to wish them and buy a gift for them in advance and avoid last minute run around.

Have a pencil or pen handy to write down thing which needs to be remembered. It is better than depending on your memory. There will be times when you won't be able to recollect or you may forget the things to be done. So it is better to develop a habit of writing down the things to be remembered as and when it comes in your mind.

I don't know which area of your house needs get organized. If you give a careful thought and look for places to be organized, you will find there are a lot of things which needs to be organized.

So I wish you to get organized and live a hassle-free life.

Enjoy your spare time with your kids.

Yes, if you have an organizing tip, please share it with us using the below comment box

Some tips to get organized

Organize your space: Whether it's your office, kitchen, closet, desk, home, locker, bedroom, you need to organize things which you want and throw away those things you don't use any more. Then allocate a convenient and clearly designed space for all the items. If you find a thing which you do not use very often, then keep it efficiently in your storeroom. Keeping things which you no more want or use is a waste of space, time and effort. Clean your storeroom and donate/sell the things which are of no use. This small activity will generate enough space for you to keep the things which are of use, value, and importance safely.

The purpose of organizing things is to find, evaluate, and use items quickly and effectively. This will help you to set up a logical system for adding and removing things for easy-to-use uniform appearing groups which will prevent you unnecessary purchase of misplaced items and wasting your time for searching for items of infrequent use.

For example: if you have a lot of books and you fill a bookshelf with them and wanted to look for a book. What will you do? You have to look all the self for a single book. If you number the books and keeping the books in the order of the number will help you to find out the book just going through the index. You can put the index in a spreadsheet, you can get the index in alphabetic order. Then it is very easy for you to find the book. Search opting will help you to find a word in the index very fast. This will possible if only you keep your books in the order of numbers. Keeping the number from and to the sticker in each shelf will make your task very easy.

Another way to organize your items is to organizing them hierarchically. You will have to make a few arrangements as you work your way down by narrowing your categories of hierarchy like a rack, shelf, crate, bag etc. For example, you can arrange all your sports stuff on one shelf with a crate for each sport and small items like wickets and bolls in a bag in the Cricket crate. Arranging them in the order will help you save time by avoiding looking for them in a messed up room when you need it.

Use some slippery plastic zipper bags for keeping computer parts, pen drives, and cords. Using jam-free plastic transparent containers will help you to see through it. You can find out things without opening the containers. Labeling containers are another way to know the things which they have.

It is important for you to keep in mind to leave some empty space in between each of your storage areas to add or remove things without disrupting the scheme. It is recommended to keep things which are frequently used in an easily reachable place to avoid disrupting the scheme.

Frequently used items like spices and salt should be kept handy and each viewable. Perishable items like food should be consumed on a first-in, first out basis. You need to arrange such items in the back of the raw or underneath the old stock, which will help you to consume the food on a first-in, first out basis.

When you receive mail, immediately remove the cover and dispose off the covers along with junk mail. (You can keep the cover/envelop in an orderly manner for reusing it for inter-office communication) Keep the bills and documents in their respective place or forward it to the concerned person to do the needful. Have a spot for bills and mark your calendar for due date or payment date.

Keep your keys in the same place always. Have a cell phone charging station and keep the cell phone in a particular place.

De-clutter your house or storeroom regularly. Asking some important questions will help you to de-clutter your storage space. Do I need this? Have I used this in the last year? Is there any possibility of using it in the coming year? Is there someone else who could use this more? Finding answers to such questions will help you to de-clutter and dispose off some unwanted things.

Tips to organize your time

Are you addicted to social media like Twitter, Facebook, youtube or Google+ etc? If so, you will fail to accomplish many things at the end of the day. It is better for you to fix a time for logging in and a time for log out from social media sites. Be strict to your schedule so that you won't end up in procrastinating other important things of your life. If you are not a guy who do not use social media to promote your business, it is good for you to keep away from it as much as you can.

There are chances that you will procrastinate many important things of your life due to the addiction to social media sites. Are you a person who miss the deadline, who fail to complete the project on time or fail to finish the work? Then you need to organize your time as per priority. If you are not doing that, the end result is scarcity in your life. You will not have enough money in your bank. You'll not get the promotion you are looking for. You'll not finish the work on time. Your projects will not meet the deadline. To avoid such embarrassing situations, you need to get organized. Organize your time on a priority basis. Allocate a good amount of time for the most important tasks first. Least important things can be done at the last.


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