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Getting Rid Of Cockroaches

Updated on October 22, 2011

Cockroaches are such specie that it is found commonly all around the world. It is thought to be most disgusting insect especially when you have them in your home and more particularly in your kitchen. If you have cockroaches in your kitchen than health of your family is definitely on a stake.

Cockroaches are thought to be favorable when they are out of home but becomes equally dangerous when comes into homes as they cause various allergies and diseases. For this particular reason every one needs to definitely learn the way to get rid of these cockroaches, so that they may keep their family safe.

You can find numerous chemicals to kill these roaches but, if you are going to use the chemicals than what is the difference? Cockroaches are harmful for health and so does the chemicals. So using any type of chemicals to get rid of cockroaches is something that I won’t prefer. Using chemical sprays make even the air that we breathe in harmful for us.

So instead of using these chemicals you have other choices that are less harmful. You can use boric acid/powder or swimming pool filter earth to get rid of this pest in your home. Cockroaches usually prefer dark areas and grow in such areas too, so you have to take extra care of any such places in your kitchen and need to keep them clean. These areas could be the cabinet under your kitchen sink. As there it is dark, warm and definitely drainage way too. The favorite place for cockroaches to grow and live and that’s also suitable for their growth is the drainage pipes and gutters.

Even if you find one single cockroach roaming around somewhere in your home, be sure that there are plenty of these definitely in you home and you need to take a serious step towards their removal

Preparing A Solution To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Take hundred grams of borax acid. Now mix into it a cup of flour. Mix both things well. Next you need to do is to add powder milk into it. That again around hundred grams. After mixing these three things, add some water into it.

Do not add too much water. It should remain as thick mixture. Now apply this mixture every where around, where ever you have doubt of cockroaches. Specially apply this inside cabinets or on the area under your refrigerator. In hardly a day or two you will observe that the cockroaches have started vanishing off. 

This solution is far safer than using chemicals because although it contains borax acid but still it’s not going to mix up into the air to harm you while breathing.

Secondly after hardly an hour of applying this mixture, it will get dry so the chance of harms from it reduces more. You can’t spray chemicals into the cabinets where you have your food storage but you can apply this mixture into those too easily.

Other Tips To Keep Cockroaches Away

  • Never leave your food open at any place. Especially in kitchens, because we often leave our food open on kitchen counters. Get rid of this habit it’s killing for you. Because this is going to work as an open invitation for cockroaches and they will find your food very attractive.
  • Do not leave used utensils unclean on your sink. Especially avoid leaving dirty utensils on sink overnight, because this will make cockroaches grow a lot more. Don’t leave your sink wet too.

  • Things like papers and news papers also help cockroaches to grow more. So take care of all such extra things at your home. Don’t let too much of these goods remain at your home or this is going to make cockroaches grow in every part of your home. These papers and news papers also serve as food source for cockroaches.
  • Do not let your trash can remain in your home at night. Make sure that it’s tightly closed and then put it outside the home, so that cockroaches do not find this as their food source.

You need to take care of few of these things and else than this you would need to keep cleaning your home on regular basis. Trash or litter gathered some where in your home will be attractive place for cockroaches to thrive and grow.

Keep your house well-lighted and keep looking for any leakages from pipes. Remember dark, warm and humid place have extreme chances of letting cockroaches grow. Take care of just few of these things and you can keep your self and your family safe from diseases and allergies caused by these cockroaches.

Cockroach Termination Tips


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