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Getting Rid of Moles with Castor Oil

Updated on April 7, 2012
mole holes
mole holes | Source

Castor Oil and Moles

Moles are starting to dig and this is destroying lawns. Many people like me are pulling their hair out trying to get rid of these moles. Using Castor Oil to get rid of moles is proven to be extremely effective. Castor oil not the bean is said to be effective in repelling the moles from your yard. So far this is proven to be my most effective method in getting rid of moles in my yard.

Also don't worry if you have dogs or cats because the castor oil can cause diarrhea but if consumed in large amounts I have a dog and their have been no problems. The castor oil actually irritates the moles stomach and some say it makes them itch more and annoys them so they leave. Check out Castor Oil For Sale.

Moles Diet

Moles eat earthworms, grubs and other insects but the first two are their major diet. Just to show you their diet a normal size mole 4-6 ounces can eat 40- 50 pounds of earthworms every year. What's nice is the castor oil won't kill your yard or the earthworms so you can enjoy a nice yard again. You may also want to treat for grubs because that will sometimes help in the control of moles. Check out these Grub Killers. It's important to kill the grubs before or after using the castor oil because you still want to eliminate the food source and also it will keep them away.

Applying Castor Oil Directions

Applying the Castor oil to your lawn is easy, you can treat your lawn every 30-60 days.  I find it best to reapply after large rain falls so I can assure myself it's still strong enough to keep the moles away.  This has become the perfect method to repel moles in my yard.  Castor oil is even said to rid your yard of voles.  But make sure you get the right castor oil for moles and your yard.


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