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Getting Rid of Tree Stumps

Updated on April 20, 2016

Why To Remove Tree Stumps

Most landowners have stumps detached because they take up precious space, preventing the production or setting up of structures or gardens. Not to mention they're eyesores in almost any scenario. On top of that, though, they can be hazardous in a various manner of ways such as leading to injuries when they're concealed under foliage or high grass.For these, and other reasons, stumps are better to be removed today so as not to worry about them tomorrow.

Felling trees is a fairly easy process; removing stumps, however, is an unusual matter. Unlike felling, which is basically hacking at a tree until it falls (It's slightly more complicated, but still), stump removal takes much more time and effort. Following one of the following set methods will make the procedure much easier to complete in a timely manner.

Before you jump into trying any of these tips, It's recommended to have nearly all stump removal techniques undertaken by professionals. Particularly when a method makes use of heavy equipment or machinery. Take a glance at four of the most common methods.

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Stump Removal By Hand

Removing stumps by hand generally only works on small, aged or rotting stumps. Some recommended tools which can be used to remove a stump without heavy machinery or chemicals are digging bars, axes, or even hooking the stump up to your truck and pulling it right out of the ground.

When using a digging bar and axe, you'll basically be prying the tree right out of the ground after hacking at the roots to free it up a bit, which takes quite a bit of time and effort. I've seen the effectiveness of using a truck and chain pull a small stump from the ground, and it's much less time consuming. Hence, if you have a truck at your disposal, use it.

Stump Removal By Grinding

Grinding is a well known removal method but should not be tried by amateurs. It is safer and sometimes even cheaper to hire a professional to use this kind of equipment for you.

If you do not believe you require the assistance of professionals, then the tools can be rented from a nearby Lowes or Home Depot. Grinding a tree stump on your own can still take a substantial amount of time, but the amount of effort is nothing in comparison to removing a tree stump by prying it out of the ground. It does help to cut away the roots with an axe before grinding the stump itself. Making sure there are no items near the stump which could be potentially hazardous projectiles is a necessary safety measure.

Once all debris has been removed from the area, and you're wearing protective glasses, you can begin. Simply use the grinder to remove as much of the stump as you seem fit, although It's best to try to remove as much of the stump as possible in order to prevent any future hazards.

By chemicals

Chemical removal is a cost effective alternative to hiring professionals or renting a stump grinder. On the other hand, it requires quite some time for the stump to break down.

In order to use chemicals to remove your unwanted stump, you drill several holes just around the stump and fill them with whichever stump removal chemical you've chosen. Just as an example, we'll say you chose Potassium nitrate, which is then poured into the holes you've just drilled. Water is is also poured into the holes and the mix is left to sit for about a month or more, depending on the rot situation of the stump. You will know when the appropriate time has been reached once the stump turns spongy, and can then be easily cut down using an axe or other similar tool.

Tree Stump Removal Experience

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By burning

Burning is a low-cost way to clear stumps and is a common method useful in regions that doesn't gain right to use stump grinders. In this technique, the stump is not just lit. Holes are bored into it and full with potassium nitrate. Water is transfer into the holes to dissolve the chemical and pieces of wood are placed on top of the stump prior to ignition.

Stump Removal Cost

Stump removal charge will depend on the dimension of the stumps and also the kind of soil fund in the vicinity. For a reduce service, the factors to bring into consideration comprises the years of the tree, the species, how often it will be passed out and the site of the stumps. In general, cutting down full-grown and big trees will be in the array of $400 to $1000 per tree depending on the dimension and specie of the tree. The bigger trees are generally about 70 to 100 feet. Some of these trees consist of elms, Black Locust, Red Oak, Walnuts, American Ash, and very old maples. But the smaller trees which can be measuring around 25 feet are generally less costly and vary from $100 to $400. Some middle size trees like Crabapple and Black Gum can be charged roughly 300 to 800 dollars. Trees that are aged and dehydrated are always less costly to break down since not a great deal work is needed to cut them down.

Video On Stump Removal

Sometimes it's difficult to know how to follow instructions through words alone. Here's a video posted on YouTube for you to watch in order to help you realize that it's something that anyone can do with the right materials

In Conclusion

As trees may give extra aesthetics to your residence and even gives that fresh effect permitting you to decrease your power bills on those AC units, there are periods when the authorities will have to inquire you to cut it down since such tree is considered hazardous on the street or possibly interfering with the power lines. Therefore, whether you are fond of it or not, you'll have to make that hard choice of removing such gorgeous tree. A tree stump is what is left after.

Tree stumps are usually unpleasant on anybody's lawn. They are also causes of journey dangers especially when children are playing around. They also invite white ants and this can mean jeopardizing the protection of your home. Moreover, they are as well obstructive to driveways or structures and landscaping. This are the reasons why you ought to consider cutting down of any tree stump in your yard.

Learning about trees themselves can help when it comes to stump removal, and the internet has a plethora of websites such as which can teach you anything you want to know about trees.


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    • profile image

      Sergio Freddson 3 years ago

      Removing a stump by hand seems like it would be a lot of work. Is there any way to do this on your own or does it usually take a team? I'll have to look into getting some tools and a team to get mine out. Thanks for these ideas!

    • Trev Irvin profile image

      Trev Irvin 3 years ago

      Growing up around a farm and surrounded by trees and tree stumps, I figured that I could handle Grinding. Big mistake! I definitely agree that Grinding is not for amateurs. You are looking at long hours of labor and of course, the cost of renting the tools. If you, like I, have a wife who does not want several tree stumps in your yard, call professionals who have the experience and high tech tools.

      Trev Irvin