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Getting The Best Deals On Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridges

Updated on May 30, 2012
Refrigerator With Ice & Water In The Door
Refrigerator With Ice & Water In The Door | Source

Our fancy new refrigerator seemed like a great deal when be bought it.... Water in the door, an nice maker, seemed like everything we needed. It turns out in order to get that great tasting tap water, or ice you need to constantly replace the internal water filter cartridge. Our model in particular supposedly lasts up to six months. Our fridge even has a a countdown timer letting us know when it needs to be replaced. How kind of LG to give us notice when we need to give them more money.

Tactics and Tips

For those of you that don't know I can be very cheap and hate to pay retail for anything! Our local Home Depot has our filter cartridges for around $50, and I think that is just way to much to pay, so here are a few tips and tactics to help you get the cheapest filters possible:

  • Even though it may be more upfront, if you can buy a multi pack it usually pays. Look at the cost per item when you make a purchase, not the overall price. A 2 pack of cartridges should last you a year and you won't have to go through this process constantly.
  • You might want to make it a bundle deal! Many stores won't tell you this, but believe it or not you can haggle! This is very true for big box stores such as HH Gregg and even small appliance companies. Don't expect to buy a single item from the store and demand a lower price. Instead, bundle it in.. It doesn't necessarily even have to be with a fridge purchase. Buying a new TV at an applicant store? Ask if they can do any better on the fridge filter since you're shelling out tons of money on your new electronics. Better yet, buy multiple when you first buy your fridge. The stores are more likely to cut you break.
  • Are you forced to buy from your local Lowes? A nice secret that I have found is that if you are a military veteran, you will get a 10% discount on any purchased items if you flash your VA ID card. It's their way of saying thank you, and could save you substantially.
  • Have you moved recently? Next time you go to your local post office ask for a change of address packet. Not only are the moving forms included, but there is usually a coupon or two for Lowes and or Home Depot for 10-15 percent off your purchase. And no, you don't really need to move, just use the coupon.
  • Did you check the price online? There are multiple sites that specialize in refrigerator filters. I have seen as low as $32 for a single filter, and even more savings for multi packs!
  • Check out eBay! Since your refrigerator has that handy little count down timer, you will have plenty of notice that you need a new filter. This will give you plenty of time to bid on and buy one on eBay. Something to carefully consider though, is they you should NEVER buy a used filter online. If it isn't new or NIP (new in package) forget about it. You have no idea how much it has been used.

No matter what tactic you use, please don't pay retail for your refrigerator filters, it really is unnecessary! Once I realized that I can get a much better deal on them than the big box stores can offer, I'm more likely to actually change mine..


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