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Getting Your Child to Help in the Kitchen

Updated on December 2, 2014
Family time in the kitchen
Family time in the kitchen | Source

Childhood is a phase in a child’s life that is always full of new, exciting and adventurous things to do. It is a learning process for a child despite being a newbie in newly assigned responsibilities. Such responsibilities include domestic chores like helping their mothers prepare meals in the kitchen and clean the floor. In most cases, girls are more interested in helping their mothers with kitchen work. The benefit of teaching your children to help in the kitchen is more than you can imagine. As a mother, your role is to monitor safety in the kitchen when working with your young daughter. The following guidelines may be helpful.

Monitor Your Child

There should always be continuous monitoring on your part to ensure the safety of your child. It does not matter whether or not your child is already trained to work in the kitchen. Be sure to observe how she handles stuff in the kitchen. Tell your child immediately if she does a mistake. As far as possible, tell her how to do things the correct way to avoid accidents.

Set the Rules

Use short and simple sentences to ensure your child follows the safety regulations in the kitchen. Be sure to explain all the kitchen do’s and don’ts to your child. If your child refuses to follow directions, that means she is not ready to help you in the kitchen.

Be Flexible

Not all kitchen tasks can be done in accordance with your preferred method, especially if you are in a hurry. At this point, it may be impossible to monitor your child. If your child is left unsupervised in the kitchen, it is possible for her to make mistakes that can cause injury. It is strongly advised not to let your young child cook or work in the kitchen if you can’t be there to watch her. You can always compromise on the time.


Young Children

Not all children can be allowed to roam freely in the kitchen, what more if you are cooking. If your child is too young, difficult to monitor and is the type that can’t sit still, it is better to keep her out of the kitchen. Young children are prone to accidents, so it is better to get your spouse or an older sibling to help watch them.

Knives should be kept away without adult supervision
Knives should be kept away without adult supervision | Source

Kitchen Utensils

If your child is just learning to use kitchen utensils, it may be better to let her “chop” vegetables and herbs without using knives. She can use her fingers to tear up salads or herbs. Kitchen utensils such as knives and scissors can harm children. If your child is old enough to hold the knife, it is best to show her how to hold it properly while cutting onions and have her demonstrate to you how to do it. If possible, guide your child by the hand while she is cutting the onions. Careful monitoring will prevent injury to your child.

Cooking Assignment

If you want to give cooking assignment to your child, make sure she has the basic skills needed to undertake such task. Give your child a task appropriate for her age. As her skills progress, teach her more skills depending on her ability and interest to learn. If your child is less than the height of the kitchen counter and does not know the right stirring spoon to use for stew, guide her. Just make sure she pays attention to what you are saying. It’s amazing how children learn especially on things they are really interested in.


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    • profile image

      ma45frost 6 years ago

      Thanks Vanessa. I got my daughter involved a week ago. She enjoyed it very much. Now she wants more *grin*

    • profile image

      Vanessa McKay 6 years ago

      Great advice on introducing a child to the joys of cooking.


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