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Getting the Family Involved to Organize Your Kitchen

Updated on November 23, 2011
Organize your kitchen
Organize your kitchen | Source

Trying to organize your kitchen alone can be a difficult task. Getting your family’s help in tackling this task not only helps you but will also help them. If they help with the process, they will know where everything is and why things are organized the way that they are. Here are a few tips to help you get them involved.

Getting Buy-In
It is unlikely that your family will be thrilled at the thought of organizing the kitchen. That is why it is important to get them to buy into the need to get things organized. Have a family meeting to discuss the issue. Discuss the reasons why the kitchen needs to be organized and how everyone in the family will benefit from an organized kitchen. You may need to do some convincing on why its important to organize your kitchen so be prepared with a long list of benefits like the ones below. Talk about how to solve the problem. Be prepared with some suggestions like the random drawing idea below.

Benefits of an Organized Kitchen
If your family needs some convincing, here are a few benefits you can use. It will be easier to find things. If your kids complain about not being able to find the food they want in the kitchen, this one can be a pretty compelling argument. Mom and/or dad will be less stressed. If the mess of the kitchen causes you stress at mealtimes or in the mornings that the kids feel and get impacted by, they’ll know that you having less stress will mean them having less stress as well. More time as a family. Since being unorganized causes us to waste time during a day, the time that you save can be devoted to the family. This might mean time to play a game as a family every night.

Random Drawing
After having your family meeting, put all of the tasks needed to organize your kitchen on slips of paper and put them in a hat. Have each family member draw a task from the hat. That will be their task to complete that week. Separate out tasks by age level so that each member of the family has age appropriate tasks. Make sure each task takes approximately the same amount of time so that no one feels their task is unfair. Since this method is random, hopefully it will eliminate complaints and make the method fair.


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