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Gingham Comforters for a Restful Night Sleep

Updated on March 21, 2011

What is Gingham

Gingham comforters are an excellent idea for bedding. Gingham is checkered fabric that is commonly used to make comforters, clothing and curtains. It is often made from cotton or a synthetic polyester blend. Popular items made from gingham are curtains, dresses, blouses, aprons, pajamas, coats, and much more. Most popular colors of gingham are black and white, pink and white, and blue and white.

Gingham bedding rose in popularity during the 19th century and was a staple of many manufacturers who produced textile fabrics. The checked print of gingham is what draws people to this pattern. Not only can gingham be used to make comforters it can also used on all the bedding including sheets, bedskirts, and pillow cases. Consider using matching gingham window treatments to pull the bedroom theme together.

Gingham Comforters for Bedding

Whether decorating a nursery or a your own bedroom a gingham comforters can go a long way into turning the sleeping quarters into a comfortable relaxing environment. After all with out a good night's sleep the human body can not physically or mentally perform at its best.

Gingham comforters make for very nice baby crib bedding, I would go with blue and white gingham print for a boys nursery or pink and white for a little girl's nursery. Gingham sheets can also be used in the crib bedding to compliment the comforter.

When using this checked material for a comforter in an older persons room, I would choose colors that matched the rest of the rooms decor. What is also nice about using gingham as the material for the comforter you will also usually be able to find the same print on window treatments. I have always loved having matching window curtains and bedding, I've also thought that this makes the room look well co-ordinated. provides a wide selection of gingham comforters. Or optionally you can try the on-line auction site eBay.

gingham comforters
gingham comforters


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