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Gingham Shower Curtains

Updated on March 21, 2011

Bathroom Decorating

If you have ever been in a bathroom you probably realize the central piece of a bathroom design is the shower curtain. Have you ever thought about upgrading your current bathroom with the help of gingham shower curtains? Using this type of pattern which is normally a two colored checked pattern can be the highlight of a bathroom make-over.

Gingham shower curtains come in a variety of colors and materials. The materials that are most often used to make this type of shower curtain is cotton and vinyl. A vinyl gingham shower curtain will be a bit shinier than cotton curtain. Cleaning a cotton shower curtain you will need to wash and dry them in a washing machine or by wand. A vinyl curtain on the other hand can be simply washed with a sponge. Common colors are blues, reds, and blacks with a white background.

Completing the Bathroom Make Over

If you have decided gingham shower curtains are what you want to base the color scheme and theme of your bathroom around, the following will help finish off the room.

It is likely that the gingham shower curtain you have chosen contains the color white in it. This good because it will match the furniture in the bathroom no matter what color it is painted or stained.

Now comes matching other elements of the bathroom to the shower curtain. This will vary from bathroom to bathroom, but here are some tips.

  • match the window treatments to the gingham print or use a solid color from the print
  • towels that will be used in the open should match the shower curtain
  • rolling and stacking towels in the open is another option other than folding

Once you have completed the bathroom you should have a nice a nice and comfortable room in your home. Remember the bathroom is a place most of the guests that come into your will see, so make it nice.

If you want to shop a vast variety of gingham shower curtains online and eBay have a ton at reasonable prices.

gingham shower curtain
gingham shower curtain


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