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Glass Break Detector

Updated on July 20, 2009

A glass break detector is able to detect the sound of shattering glass - on detecting such noise; the alarm will emit a sound to alert a homeowner of a potential intrusion. Ideal in all rooms with a glass area, and especially in areas of low-positioned windows, or patio doors. These glass break alarm can be split into two distinct categories - acoustic alarms that detects the sound that comes with breaking glass or a shock detector, which attempts to detect signs of vibration.

In order to avoid the annoyance of false alarm these detectors are able to distinguish the difference between the crash of a pane of glass, while ignoring such noises of a telephone ringing, air conditioning units, or even breakage of non-framed glass.

Installing Glass Break Detectors

Home security products of this nature can be found at most good hardware stores, department stores, and online retailers. Installing a glass break detection unit is often a straight-forward task for those in need of updating or fitting new DIY home security systems at home. With a choice of a hard-wired or wireless units - opting for a wireless version will allow for the easiest installation option. Installation is a often case of mounting the detection unit in the ideal position to listen on in various directions, often within 25 - 30 feet of a window or door.

A single break detector is often sufficient to protect a typical sized-room provided that its mounted in the ideal location. Capabilities of individual alarm systems vary, but in general, these detectors are unable to listen via a wall or around a corner - direct sight of a door or window is a critical factor to remember in the installation process.

A glass break sensors or detector is available in a multitude of designs, capabilities, and sizes. Cost wise expected prices in the region of $30 for a basic break detector, able to distinguish between shock and / or breakage to a window and emits the appropriate sound, with a detection capability of 33 feet, and can be mounted on a ceiling or wall space with more advance models costing $80 or more. A single detector is often able to monitor several different windows at once, and a variety of pane glass types, including wired, laminated, plate, and tempered.

A glass break detector often completes a home security set-up to ensure a home, all possessions, and occupants are safeguard at all times. Ademco, Window Bug, and DSC all manufacture a series high-quality glass break sensors for a quick and simple solution to improve on a home security set-up.


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