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Glass Interior Decoration for Your Homes

Updated on February 3, 2014

Glass: To modernize your home

Interiors are nowadays decorated with glass in new forms & designs. Glass is only the first choice to give a ‘high tech’ look to the home. The mirror to look at & panes for the windows. Till some time back these were the only places in the home where glass was used. The attitude towards glass items was ‘something that can break if not carefully handled’. But all that is old story.

Glass is the most ‘user friendly’ material for this new generation. Now it is glass everywhere from the floor to the ceiling. Glass is only the first choice to give a ‘high tech trendy look’ for the house. Usefulness, beauty. The combination of these two features has increases the usage of glass interiors like never before. The technology to mould glass into any shape like clay is available nowadays. Glass is also not backwards in strength & stability. Toughened glass has the strength equivalent to that of steel.

Glass Home Interior
Glass Home Interior

Interiors with glass! -Feel good experience

Glass will help in increasing brightness & making the house look spacious. That way it will provide a ‘feel good experience’ to the interior. This is the main advantage of glass. Glass will filter the sunrays and will allow these rays to enter the house. By selecting the appropriate glass we can control the brightness, heat, sound etc inside the house. There is no need of increasing the electricity bill by putting light in the house at noon. The presence of glass will help in making the lightings beautiful also.

Glass will go well with the other items in the house. Since it allows light to pass through glass walls & furniture, it does look as if it is occupying a lot of space. Therefore small rooms will also look big.

Whereas concrete walls have 8-9 inch thickness, glass partitions have around 1.5 inches width. It will also reduce the loss in carpet area space by 1/8th where the square feet area is considered to calculate the cost. By not causing a hindrance to the natural view outside, glass walls connect the interior of the house to the nature outside. By reducing the amount of concrete walls, those who like an ‘open feeling’ can become friends with glass. Steel-glass combinations are one of the easiest ways to give a modern look to the house.

Glass is a material which goes well with steel. Not only that, glass can be used with wood, plastic etc also. Since it is a pre fabricated material, it is also available in the ‘ready to use’ form.

Glass - Touch of creativity

From historic times itself, glass is a favourite medium of artistes .A medium which can be used to create poems by its colour & light. The focal point of the interior will be where glass is coloured & light is allowed to fall on them & increase its beauty. Another plus point for glass is that along with beauty there are other useful qualities like it is long lasting & maintenance free. Scratches will not fall on the glass that fast. Glass will not get spoilt if water falls on it & also it can withstand heat too. It is easy to clean. After washing with glass cleaner & soap, if we wipe with newspaper all the dirt & dust will disappear.

Glass- From Flooring till the Ceiling

Glass can be used for the structure & interior & also for beautifying the house. Glass walls are light in weight at the same time they can bear a lot of weight. We have to use toughened glass for this purpose. The walls are built by concreting columns & connecting them with glass. ‘Glass blocks’ can also be used to make walls & partition. Normally 6 inch,8 inch square & 3 inch thick glass blocks are used. They cost 3-4 dollars.

Glass Floor

Glass which has been strengthened by 8mml more toughened glass is used for flooring.

Glass Ceiling

The advantage of glass ceiling is that the sun rays will be allowed to pass though into the house. Glass will also help in preventing the rain from entering inside areas which have pergola roof. Door,partition, frameless ‘single piece sliding doors’ are the trend nowadays. 8-10 inch thick toughened glass is usually required for this purpose. We can use stainless steel to attach the door to the wall. A glass door which is 7 feet long & 3 feet wide will cost around 400 dollars. It is also now come into being the use of stained glass in half the space required for wooden doors. The glass required for this purpose is available for around 16-21 dollars. It is now a trend to fix glass on the wall on either side of the main door.

Glass Furniture

In the beginning only the tops of dining tables & tea tables used to be done in glass. But now is the age of designer glass furniture. Now we can create glass furniture in any shape like we do for wooden furniture. Glass is stuck using special glue. Staircase: steel –glass combination is the trend in staircase.Now we can construct the railing & steps in glass. Toughened glass is required for the steps.

Glass in the Kitchen

Cabinet, wall tiles can all be made with mirrors. The advantage is that it is easy to clean. If we use glass sheets instead of tiles we can avoid the joints. Lamp shade, curio shelf, shower cubicle….the glass shine in the interiors does not end. The enchanting items with glass also are never ending.


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      4 years ago

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    • LensMan999 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi relica and ellahall,

      Nice to hear that you loved the hub. Thanks for leaving comments.

    • ellahall2011 profile image


      6 years ago

      Great, nice idea.

    • relica profile image


      8 years ago from California

      I absolutely love decorating with glass. I was flipping cartwheels when the glass, mosaic tiles hit the scene a few years ago. Great hub!


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