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A Glass Dining Table – More Than Just Elegant

Updated on September 16, 2009

If you does one of the glass dining table and now you're in the market for one not sure what to look for this article should be of help for you. And if anyone has tried to talk you out of a glass dining table for whatever reason, after reading this, you'll feel more culpable in going forward with getting the glass dining table that you want. You'll know that they are safe and sturdy, the different varieties you might be looking at, what kind of accessories (chairs) might go best with it as well as the best colors for walls and flooring, and other considerations you may want to keep in mind. In the end, after reading this article, you'll be well prepared to go in shots for the purchase the glass dining table you've always wanted. Let's get to it.

A Glass Dining Table Is An Elegant Statement

flickr image by suchitra prints
flickr image by suchitra prints

The attractiveness and modern design of the glass dining table is something that has always attracted a lot of people. However, many people have been nervous about getting one for fear that they would be delicate. Concerns of chips, cracks or breakage of the table surface is certainly something that could steer someone away from the glass dining table. The good news is that these fears are completely unwarranted. As long as your last dining table uses tempered glass you have nothing to worry about; the tempered glass is very sturdy and will stand up to a lot of use and abuse. There's no reason for you to resign yourself to a wooden table when your heart is actually set on a glass dining table. While a glass dining table isn't the end-all be-all, if you want a glass dining table... get a glass dining table.

flickr image by RedGlow82
flickr image by RedGlow82

Now that you've decided that you are going to get a glass dining table you have some decisions to make. Of course just like any other table, glass dining tables come in all the traditional shapes. You can get square, rectangular, round, oval... and then in each one of these shapes, you have other choices to make. Class dining tables aren't simply clear glass (or at least they don't have to be). You can get a glass dining table in black glass or a frosted glass dining table, for example. You can even get a glass dining table with extensions. Pretty much anything or any option you can imagine in a traditional table you can also get in a glass dining table.

Before you go shopping for new glass dining table, make sure that you have taken good measurements of the space where you'll be placing your new table. Not to make sure to allow for not only room for the table, but chairs and extra row to allow people to move about the table and chairs. And speaking of chairs, some of the best looking materials to go with your glass dining table are leather or fake leather chairs. Also, chairs with chrome trim may go very well. Finally, no matter what options go four for the surface of your glass dining table, make absolutely sure that you have a solid base. Whether it's made out of metal or solid wood doesn't really matter as long as it's sturdy.

One last little bit of advice; while a glass dining table to a great in almost any décor, rooms that are white, ivory, or pearl colored walls are ideal along with white, beige or ivory colored carpeting. Again, this is far from mandatory; just a suggestion. In the end, Just the simple fact that you are finally getting your glass dining table should have you excited, and you have every reason to be.


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