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Glow in the Dark Battery Clocks

Updated on June 27, 2011

Glow in the dark battery clocks are a must if you need to know the time when you wake up in the dark without waking up everybody or having a bright light shine in your face. One of the first questions we ask when we wake up in the middle of the night is what time is it? There are glow in the dark table clocks as well as glow in the dark wall clocks.The table clocks tend to have more features.

Battery Operated Glow in the Dark Clocks

Why battery operated? Battery operated clocks are more convenient then having a cord. If it is a wall battery clock there is the aesthetics of not having a clock wire dangle on the wall. It is also safer if you have children and pets and will not be affected by and black or brown outs. These battery clocks do not eat batteries and the batteries are very easy to replace. It will usually only require one or two double or triple A batteries.

Glow in the Dark vs Luminous Clocks

The terms glow in the dark and luminous are somewhat similar but you must be careful with them when buying clocks. The glow in the dark will do that when it is dark but the luminous clocks may or may not have a little back light. A luminous clock may very well by just a glow in the dark clock depending on how the manufacturer presents the clock. So read the description and specification of the clock before purchasing. A glow in the dark clock is kind of like glow in the dark stickers or glow in the dark stars in the way they can be seen at night.

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Glow in the Dark Clock Manufacturers

There are a few good manufacturer of glow in the dark battery operated clocks. One manufacturer and model seems to stand out in this area and that is the Seiko Get up and Glow Alarm Clock. Most consumers say that it is very quiet, reliable, and durable with the glow in the dark numbers and hands visible at night.

Quiet Operation of the Minute-hand

Some of these battery operated glow in the dark wall clocks and table clocks operate very silently so the minute hand does not disturb the sleeper. The Seiko Get up and Glow Clock is known to have a silent minute hand. A glow in the dark wall clock is perfect for checking the time with a quick peep of the eyes.

Glow in the Dark Digital Clocks

Glow in the dark clocks come in analog form with the hands that move around the face. There are no glow in the dark in LCD or digital form. For those types of clocks will give off light to function.

Alarm Feature

Generally wall clocks do not have an alarm feature. Glow in the dark table clocks may or may not have an alarm feature depending on make and model. Some models have soft to loud alarms for a more gentle wake-up. The Seiko Get up and Glow has this feature.

Best Locations for Glow in the Dark Clocks

Glow in the dark clocks make perfect bedroom or bathroom clocks particularly if you get up often late at night or arrive home late at night and don't want to wake the family. Some glow in the dark clocks are hard to see at night. Placement of the clock if it is a wall clock can be very important. If it is too far away or looked at from a wrong angle, then the consumer will have a hard time seeing it. Also, the viewers eyes must adjust to the dark before being able to see the glow in the dark from a distance. This may take a few minutes but the eyes are definitely adjusted when waking up in the middle of the night.

Daylight Exposure for Glow

Keep in mind that some glow in the dark clocks require exposure to a certain amount of regular light to maintain their glow in the dark quality. It is a wise choice for the elderly who don't want to press things to know what time it is. It can also act as a very mild night light for children and help comfort them if they wake up in the dark.

Who is the Glow in the Dark Clock Perfect For?

Shift workers will really appreciate glow in the dark clocks when they come home or leave for work in the night. Anybody who gets up at night and doesn't want to wake up their family will appreciate. Children love things that glow and clock can be comforting when there is a night wake-up. Some people get up frequently at night and it is useful to check the time without pressing a button and having a light from a regular clock wake the person up further. The elderly who have trouble moving and pressing a button will also appreciate it. It is also great for travelers.

This video compares two different types of glow in the dark clocks.


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