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Bamboo Flooring: How Green is It?

Updated on April 29, 2011

Even though housing prices are at record lows, more homeowners are choosing to stay in their existing homes. This has led to an increase in the number of homeowners that are remodeling. As homeowners start to remodel, many also seek eco-friendly or sustainable materials to use as part of their housing updates. For those looking to redo flooring, bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular option for its looks and its sustainability.

The Bamboo Sensation

Bamboo is a building material that has been around for decades and centuries in some parts of the world. As a floor covering, however, it is a relatively new option in the U.S. Its increasing popularity in the states is because it is environmentally friendly. In addition, for homeowners that are looking for the wood floor look, bamboo fits the bill without having to chop down hardwood trees to make it happen.

It’s Sustainable

Bamboo is such a friend to the environment because it is a sustainable material. Bamboo, which is more of a grass than it is a tree, grows faster and easier than hardwood trees. While it can take 100s of years to replace chopped down hardwood trees bamboo only takes about 10 years to replace.

Bamboo is Modern

Since bamboo is a relatively new material for flooring in the U.S., homeowners also consider it as modern. While hardwood floors are old world, bamboo wood floors are trendy and new world. While bamboo is a type of wood and does look like wood, one of the primary reasons it has a more modern look is that it tends to come in lighter colors than hardwood floors. In addition, the sustainability factor also makes bamboo a modern and popular option.

Bamboo is a popular floor covering option because of its eco-friendliness. If you are looking for a wood floor look, but want to be eco-chic in the process, consider bamboo. You’ll get the look you want and not feel guilty when you’re walking on it.


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