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Go Green this Christmas with LED Christmas lights

Updated on May 27, 2015

Incandescents are a thing of the past

Christmas lights have been one of my most treasured holiday memories ever since I was a kid. The act of stringing Christmas lights with my parents, listening to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton sing the Christmas Carols over and over and over again seem to be a holiday norm. Every year however, we were one strand of lights shorter than the previous year, as one strand always seemed to go out. Then technology crept up the Christmas light industry, and allowed only one light to go out, and all the rest could stay lit. The connections were able to keep stable, even when you had a few bad bulbs. This was a huge revolution, as there were no need to keep replacing at least one strand every year. The downside is even some strands of lights still made to this day, are made the old fashioned way, and will go out with one bad bulb.

Then a long lull came to the Christmas Light industry, as no new technology had risen for decades... Until now. LED Christmas Lights are the new craze this year, as they are providing a greener alternative to our favorite holiday pastime. As long as we all know Christmas Tree Lights and Holiday lights aren't going anywhere, we should embrace it 100%. LED Christmas lights, for those who don't know, look quite similar to your old boring incandescent lights, but give a couple of huge bonuses.

What Makes LED's so Special?

Safety. LED Lights have such a low heat, that they remain cool to the touch, even while lit. This is safer for children, and reduces fire danger when not home.

Energy. LED Lights use about 10% of the electricity that typical incandescent's do. How much money is that actually putting in my pocket though? You can anticipate that a 30 day period may yield an extra $20 in your pocket. Buying one strand could actually save you some money...

Money. I thought we just talked about saving money? Well actually LED Lights are rated about 50,000 to 60,000 hours, which is a huge step up from older bulbs, which are more like 1,500 to 2,000. Over time, this will save you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars when you want to bring out your Christmas cheer.

There are a number of other reasons you should consider switching this Christmas to LED String lights, such as they have a gorgeous glow, and a nice alternative to the drab colors we have grown accustomed to, they don't fade over time, and are even programmable and dimmable. What more can you hope for in light? Did we mention the cost on them has gone down so much in price, they are virtually the same price as incandescents? Think about that this Christmas and help out by saving yourself some money, the environment, and have the coolest house on the block.


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