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DIY Mermaid Room Decor

Updated on January 14, 2018

Creating an Inspiring Mermaid Room

Can you give your little mermaid her dream bedroom without breaking the bank? Absolutely! You can transform her room with a little inspiration and some inexpensive craft items. With a little paint, some scissor work and imagination you can create a mystical mermaid bedroom that is cozy and welcoming.

Wall art is easy to make and can really dress up a room. Scroll down the page to find some ideas to help set the stage for your room.

Nautical Wall Art

A simple wall decoration can help jazz up your room. You could add your favorite quote on a sign like "mermaid on duty" or "I'd rather be a mermaid". The below picture just points you in the right direction to find the mythical creatures you desire.

All you need is some wood pieces, rope and paint. This is an easy DIY that will allow you to add some fun to your mermaid bedroom.

DIY Wood Sign

An easy way to create a little fun in your mermaid room in with a little word art. You could dress up an old piece of wood with a cute saying or you could even stitch it on a pillow.

I like working with paint more than thread so I like the sign idea. I am currently working on a turning the top of an old shelf into a wall sign that says, "A Mermaid Sleeps Here." I will update with a picture as soon as its completed.

Steps for Creating Your Own Sign

  1. Paint or Stain the board the color of your choice and allow to dry if you plan to stencil on the letters or paint the board the color your want your letters to be if your plan on using vinyl letters or stickers to peel off after you apply your other color of paint.
  2. Stencil on your words or create your own stencil. Make sure you have the letters where you want before you begin to paint or outline the letters. Let dry.
  3. Hang by adding wall hooks or use rope for hanging.

Mermaid Canvas

Mermaid Heads Up

I thought these mermaid canvas art in the above video was worth sharing; though, you do not need a machine to cut out your mermaid silhouette. Just do an image search and you can find an image you can cut out and paste.

If your more adventurous you could even try painting the silhouette and just use the cutout as a stencil.

Mermaids Above Land

Will your craft your own Mermaid Sign?

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Painted Mermaid Canvas

My Mermaid Paint Canvas
My Mermaid Paint Canvas

Quick and Easy Mermaid Canvas

I did this canvas easily. I painted the color I wanted for the mermaid first and then I did a search for a mermaid silhouette. I found one I liked, cut it out and painted the background color over top. I removed the template and this was the result.

I think it would look more special if it was more unique. Next time I plan on sketching out my own mermaid design.

Letters with Scales

Just a Touch of Under the Sea

I painted the back and sides of the letter with a dark teal paint and decoupaged the patterned scale paper onto this letter. I trimmed it with braided burlap fibers, a faux flower, and some teal ombre beads I had from making a mermaid crown,

Creating Your Own Initial Wall Art

Mandatory Supplies
Basic Supplies
Optional Supplies
Glue or Mod Podge
Wall Hook
Glue Gun
Patterned Paper

Starfish - Isn't it Neat?

Under the Sea Room Inspiration

Seashells and Star Fishes are a Mermaids treasures. Why not include them in your design. You can use display or beach treasures in a shadow box, in a bottle with a cork, or a mirror decoration. If you are more creative you can even turn your seashells into holders for candles.

Sea Treasure Jewelry Box

DIY Mermaid Treasure Box

You can make this jewelry box easily and with low cost to keep your own treasures in. You local dollar store will have a little box that you can decorate and they will likely have the shells that you can decorate the box with as well. You will need craft glue that will be able to hold the shells in place.

Alternatively you could paint the box and just add one or two shells to the top for decoration.

Decorate with Pearls

Dress Up Your Display Shelf or Curtains

Pearls add a bit of magic and sophistication to your mermaid room. Costume jewelry is great to drape out of a treasure box, give a mirror a makeover or to tie back a set of sparkly curtains.


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    • suzzycue profile image

      Susan Britton 11 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      This is true and well done. I use this idea also. I add blue glass and only painted one wall in the room blue and everyone thinks my bedroom is blue. It is a very easy way to trick your eye. I like that you recycled pallets to make your sign :)