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Go from idea to plan for a kids bedroom idea

Updated on July 4, 2011

Oooh – I have the best idea for a kids bedroom. Actually, I have a lot of cool kids bedroom ideas. But … they’re just ideas. How do I make them a reality?

Ever said that? Ever felt that way? Well, you aren’t alone. I hear from people all the time who have an idea for their child’s bedroom, but it’s not as easy as running out and getting bedding for a popular character and calling it a day.

So, how do you take a great idea and turn it into a plan you can execute on? I’m going to walk you through it in five simple steps. Ready?

Color Scheme

Easiest and hard step, actually. What is the color scheme for your idea? What colors are involved? What colors speak to the idea?

For example, let’s say your child is involved in gymnastics and you want to decorate the room around that. What would the color scheme be for that? I can think of three options.

  • Patriotic – USA team, so red, white blue, stars, stripes
  • Her team – what colors do they wear – could be her school team or club team
  • Her favorite colors – make up your own team!

With all of those, I’d add white for the rings and bars, brown related to the beam, metal for the frames and there’s a color scheme.

Need another example? Hmmm. How about a favorite book – let’s say Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel? (Trying to make this a little hard.) So, the book cover is red, the steam shovel is red, dark grey and white. Mike wears blue (denim?) overalls. And most pages have a bright yellow glow. That gives us red, grey, white, denim and yellow. Sweet!

Whatever your idea, there’s likely an obvious color scheme there. If not – you’re in luck because you can pick whatever color scheme you want!

Required Elements

Delve a little farther into your idea to pick out the necessary elements to make it come to life. These are things that convey just what your theme is. It’s the big tent in a circus theme, the flowers in a garden theme, the guitars in a rockstar theme.

Going back to the gymnastic example, we have the various events – uneven bars, rings, ribbon dancing, vault. Then we have team mascots – stars and stripes for USA, her school mascot – to add in. (You can also move this to more abstract – straight horizontal lines for the bars, circles for rings, swirls for ribbons. Get the picture?)

Also be thinking which elements are essential versus those that are just nice to have. So for a cowboy, you have to have hats and boots and a horse, right? A lasso, horseshoe, fence are nice, but not the most important pieces. This helps you prioritize later.

Decide the budget

Yuck. No one likes this part. But … best to do it before you start looking at items and fall in love with something out of your price range.

Part of budget planning is deciding what pieces are worth spending more money on. (Back to that priority thing.) Solid classic furniture is worth putting an investment. But fad bedding based on a currently popular movie – not so much.

Ready options

What is already out there that you can use with the plan? Going back to the gymnastic idea, if you’re doing a Team USA version, a stars and stripes bedding set is easily found, as are flags to hang and star wall decals to stick.

Feel free to adopt items from other themes as you can. You can use underwater elements from SpongeBob items to adapt to an underwater theme for a shipwreck. Use Hannah Montana guitars to do your rockstar room.

When you’re searching, use the most generic term you can and be prepared to look at a lot of items - lot of items – before you find the right ones for your concept.

Pick your DIY projects

A few factors go into this part. Some of it is budget – what do you want that you can’t afford to buy. Some of it is availability – what do you want that you can’t find. Some of it is skill – what are you capable of doing.

I found gymnastics fabric before, so since I sew, I could make all the bedding myself to develop my theme. (Ah memories. My mom always did this for my room.) I also have no fear about painting anything on the wall, so adding elements there would be within my scope.

As you’ve found certain elements, you might get ideas for how you could do it yourself to save money, get the color you want or just do a fun project. Keep a folder with pictures to help you track these ideas as you go.

Make it happen

And … that’s all there is to it? Actually, yes. You have your colors set. You know what elements the room needs. You know what you can buy and what you can make. All you need now is some time to get it all done! So get cracking and enjoy watching your idea bloom into reality.


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    • JimmieWriter profile image

      Jimmie Lanley 7 years ago from Memphis, TN USA

      I love DIY projects. Great tips for thinking it out.