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Gold in eucalyptus trees

Updated on December 10, 2014
Eucalyptus tree leaves
Eucalyptus tree leaves

Austrailian Researchers found gold particle in leaves

Australian researchers confirmed that eucalyptus trees leaves contains microscopic particles of gold. Eucalyptus could become a prospector's best friend. A team of researchers say that they've prove once that the roots of eucalyptus trees draws a little microscopic particle of gold from deep inside the earth. The team collected directly the eucalyptus trees leaves and then punched out samples and studied them for particles of gold growing directly in the leaves.

They said that the trees whose roots are below 35 metres only draws gold particle by pushing it out to the leaves to reduce its poisonous effects. The actual amount of gold is negligible. Researchers had described the particles as so small that the leaves from 500 trees over a deposit would only be enough to make a wedding ring.

The secret of extraction of Gold

I think if the process of extraction of gold from leaves revealed then there will be only few tree will left with leaves. As the owner of the trees will extract gold from their trees leaves. I am also having eucalyptus trees in my farm. But my trees have only 10 years of old, and the researchers said that the trees whose age is around 20 years and above only draws gold particles, as their roots reaches 35 metres below the ground. I think in the upcoming years the researchers will also found a easy extraction process and may be they reveal the process of extraction. I will wait for that.

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