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Eco-Friendly Spaghetti Scrub For Your Kitchen Sink

Updated on January 10, 2011

spaghetti scrub

I've been missing my "friendly scrub" ever since Trader Joe's discontinue their nylon scrubber (most of other scrub I found is made of melamine thread material which I dislike) till I recently found out about this eco-friendly spaghetti coarse scrubber which is made from all recycled natural materials such as corn cobs, walnut shells and peach pits. It comes in gentle (the red color) and in coarse (the yellow color)

If you are anti detergent residue on dishes, like myself then you might want to try this scrub because it can tackle heavy grease with little or no use of soap or dish washing detergent at all. This spaghetti scrub can be use to clean glass, wood, plastic, nonstick pans and other surfaces which are prone to dullness but if you are worried that it may scratch your dish then try it in hidden small area first (I usually do it at the back of the plate). This scrub is microwave and dishwasher save so you don't have to do the heavy cleaning yourself if you don't want to just put it all into the dishwasher.

A little fact about this scrub:
Although its name is spaghetti its origin is not Italy, indeed this product was designed by a Japanese product designer named Hiroki Hayashi.
To learn more about this product you can visit


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