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How to become a good housekeeper?

Updated on February 24, 2009

Good Housekeeping Secrets

Hi everybody.........Here I am trying to spread some light on a good housekeeping styles.

As all of you know that your bedroom is your sanctuary. Do not do it up in a hurry. Here is one of the different ways you can decorate it. Choose the one that suits your taste best.


BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Dark colors can be used in bedrooms--the trick is to use them in moderation. Cushions, artefacts, sheer curtains, and wall decor can all be color-coordinated in bright hues. You can have a red wall with furniture in burnt sienna to complement it.

STAND-UP WALL DECOR: Drilled-in screws limit your wall decor to the same position and size. Try a different style of wall hangings--prop them on your headboard instead (provided your house is free of inquisitie young adults and pets).

A TOUCH OF GREEN: A small plant (preferably a flowering one) in an unusual pot-holder adds a natural touch. Money plant stems in water last too long. If stuck with a brown-thumb, get realistic-looking artificial plants.

KEEP THE DECOR SIMPLE: Downplay bedside decor for the red to stand out. A couple of tall wooden lamps (in matching polish), a few books and a stand-alone artefact can enhance the charm quotient.


BEDSIDE WALL DECOR: For houses rampant with curious hands that reach out, instead of standing paintings on headboards, prop them up on bedside tables. Steer clear of glass, use laminates instead. Scatter a few cushions and pillows in varying shades of green for the sake of harmony.

LAMPS AND MORE: Brass lamps do the trick--they set off the green cushions and the bottle-green vases on the side table. A golden vase with more greens adds a touch of glamour; books add a lived-in feel.


IN-PLAID REVERIE: Cushions and pillows in checks sets off with wooden buttons bring on a Victorian feel to the room. A flowery canvas hung right over the bed complements the entire room.

ETHNIC ACCESSORIES: Unusual lamps with flowery lampshades, terracotta vases, bunches of cdolorful flowers and a quote in antique lettering add instant character to your signature style. It's your retreat--let it be comforting and beautiful for you.


1. Your parents' old home might have nooks and crannies built in under the eaves of an attic, but for a new apartment, you will have to create your own private space, preferably in the solitude of your bedroom. It doesn't have to be big (or small), but it does have to be furnished with your favorite things.

2. Figure out where you want to place a comfortable chair in the bedroom. Position it such that you can look out of a window. Spend some time getting the view right, or else looking at the bed might simply make you want to snuggle in. Place a small table next to your comfort chair, one that is big enough for a book, a tray bearing a cup of coffee or a chilled carafe of lemonade and a lamp.

3. Surround yourself with things that are really special to you. Souvenirs from your last vacation, books by your favorite author, even your collection of treasured china can fit the bill--whatever suits your fancy or favor.

4. Do you have a certain something that gives you a sense of comfort? Find a place for the treasured belongings near your reading nook--favorite books, the crochet stole that your grandmother knit for you or the comforter you had since you were a baby--and cosy up.

5. Delicate pastels (soft mauves with hints of pink and burgandy) set the tone for relaxing. Keep passion colors to a minimum--repeat the pastels in your linen and upholstery. Paint the ceiling in a lighter shade of the wall color to add to the illusion of space. Bring in some greens (put them out at night).

6. There is nothing quite as comforting as being surrounded by those you love. And with framed prints of photographs, your quiet, private sanctuary contributes to your sense of well-being. On the walls by your bedside, on the bookshel, family photographs are just right for displaying in the bedroom.

Household Anteriors


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    • pankaj3625 profile image

      Pankaj Pathak 7 years ago from Delhi

      Okay I will write a hub to give you some tips on how to surprise you wife with home improvement.

    • profile image

      lv 7 years ago

      are encouraging me to write hubs like you. Housekeeping on your own is very useful and helpful. You have explained in a good style most aspects of housekeeping. Give me some tips how to improve your home when the wife is not at home for a few days in order to give her a surprise when she comes back?

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 9 years ago from New Delhi, India

      You are encouraging me to write hubs like you.  Housekeeping on your own is very useful and helpful. You have explained in a good style most aspects of housekeeping. Give me some tips how to improve your home when the wife is not at home for a few days in order to give her a surprise when she comes back?