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Do you have Clutter? Simplify and Organize

Updated on February 26, 2013


Everyday stress and disorganization can wreak havoc on our mentality. Believe it or not, when you come home to a disarray atmosphere - you feel the pressure of things left unfinished in your daily schedule. Obviously, coming home from a long day and needing time for relaxation or unwinding, would be more enjoyable in a organized home.

So it begins, I will show a portrayal into reality of chaos.

You walk through the doors and automatically without a beat notice the stacked dishes from the night before, mail gathering on a table, clothes draped over furniture and objects lying around on the floor screaming "i will trip you" when you least expect it . Suddenly, the overwhelming emotions set in and screams silently let the stress begin. So much for unwinding, now that's thrown out the window. Here the mind is directed to "must do right away" and of course; comes the unexpectedly company knocking at your door. Sound familiar? Indeed and rightfully so.

It will take a bit of planning and tools to get out of the daily routine which created this chaos in the first place. Let's set a mental image of walking through the door of a simple, organized placement compared to the cluttered home. Then, maybe you will be able to sense why organization is key to a healthy and happy home.

Lets Simplify

Here, I will discuss the details of where and how to apply orderly techniques to your daily life. Perhaps you may want to grab a pen and paper in order to jot down these tips and step process. Please apply this to every room, cabinets and wall decor in your home. We will go over removal of your items in order to create a blank canvas as though you are moving in for the first time. You will need adequate time and planning to complete this. In the end, you will reward yourself in the mental gain from the stress free lifestyle by these organize tactics applied in your daily balance of life.

First, designate a specific time and how long on the project you want to spend that day. Keep in mind to start small as to not overwhelm or burn yourself out. Planning is vital here along with one day at a time process.

Then, select a room.You will need to have boxes or bags to place items into. Mark them with: to keep, display, sale or donate. For example, lets pick the entertainment center in the living room or family room. On each shelf, you probably have trinkets, books, pictures, movies, electronics and so forth. Sort the items one by one; while asking yourself is this item a "must have" or do "i use it daily"? Come across a particular item not used in a year, place in the recycled for later sale or donation container. Continue until all items have a place in designated container.

Now, you should be looking at a blank shelf and proceed to the next if any. Once all decor is removed, direct your focus towards the furniture arrangement. Take a good look at your current layout; then mentally picture if you were walking into this home for the first time standing in the doorway. With this visual, do you see a clean, airy and welcoming atmosphere? If not, this is where a few simple furniture placement could make all the difference in the world.

Have a main focus(ie.:fireplace) point then arrange accordingly. If you have a small living quarter, it would not be feasible for too many large furniture pieces in this area. Simply will create a cluttered room atmosphere that we are eliminating. Which brings me to less is better but not too much where it does not feel warm and welcoming.

Next would be wall decor.Once you have the furniture the way you want, decorate your shelves and walls with only a few accents to compliment your arrangement design without cluttering your space all over again. Here it is especially crucial since you do not want to place too many pictures or wall arrangements to take away from your focus point. This is mainly as an accent or complimentary of your new room design.

Key here is placement and utilizing a clean space. For instance, if you have numerous of items lying around and not used on a daily basis - remove them. This is considered clutter and they become excellent dust collectors.


I can proudly say that a "well organized" individual provides a structured life style. This person will have everything in place and neatly put away in their home, work and/or activities. Think of it as this person being a top designer; how every detail in all aspects is carefully sketched out mirroring a reflection of place and purpose for such design.

Secondly, without this kind of structure inhibits one's life to becoming stress free. This in turn transforms an individual's vitality in constant chaos. Needless to say. structure is definitely the backbone to to everyday living.

With structure brings organization within the individuals home, work and daily tasks. Organization is a tool in which we utilize for schedules, item placement, cleaning and planning routines. This specified tool is essential in terms of everything has a place, whether for storage or quick accessibility.This goes without saying-" you can never be too organized ".

Will you apply these methods?

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  • Small positive changes in your daily routine creates a self esteem boost.
  • Being realistic on keeping things, putting away after uses or donation.
  • Awesome feeling knowing that you succeeded in huge accomplishment.
  • Simple means organization which leads to equal balance of life, health and family.


Remember out of all this; keeping designated places for everything and that not all or sentimental items need to be displayed. The less you have out; the less you have to maintain and tidy.

On that note.....

You will be less aggravated along with a sense of accomplishment and a healthy environment. Organization is the primary foundation to achievement and provides more quality time with your love ones.

Less=More=Organized=Structured=Stress Free=Simplified=Healthy Balance

Below, you will see some links on informational books to guide you further in the process.

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