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Gothic Decor

Updated on May 23, 2011

Gothic Decor History

Gothic decor has a distinct look and has been around since the mid 12th century.

There were two major periods of history where Gothic decor was a major influence, and that was from 1150 to 1500, and there was a resurgence from 1840 to 1880 called the Gothic revival.

Much of the early Gothic decor included mythical creatures like gargoyles and griffins, as well as hawks and lions.

The fleur-de-lis was also used a lot in Gothic decor, which was an iris or lily, which could represent a number of things symbolically at the same time.

Whatever the style, gothic decor definitely has its own taste and appeal, and usually you either like it or don't.

Other Gothic decor features

Other features of Gothic decor included ornate decorations and deep carvings.

Chairs would have tall backs and be upholstered in some cases, while bedroom furniture would include large four poster beds which were also very ornately decorated and carved. These and other Gothic bedroom pieces would include mythical creatures in the designs as well, which were thought to have protected them from evil spirits. 

Origin of Gothic Decor

Unsurprisingly, Gothic decor originated with Catholicism, and you can find it in many of their building to this day, with the overall feel being extended across many types of homes and buildings, even in our modern times.

Many ornate accessories like candelabras and other items made of pewter and brass, along with stained glass windows were part of the Catholic Gothic influence. 

Fleur-de-lis on a shield

Gothic Decor Focus of this article

Most of us have seen all the old influences of Gothic decor, I want to primarily show you modern Gothic decor in homes and businesses, showing how it is implemented for atmosphere and feel today. 

Custom Gothic Decor Wallpaper

I really like this wallpaper with the Gothic theme. The trees look extraordinary, and I could imagine and picture a lot of things that would go with it to make it a fun and compelling room to be in.

Goth Wallpaper Really Adds Atmosphere to Room

Gothic Room and Accessories

You've got to look a little closer at this room with its Gothic decor, as it's more related to Gothic accessories or items strewn around, than major pieces that are easy to see and identify.

There are griffins and skulls, among many other things scattered around. Interesting room.

Gothic Room Design

Great Gothic Room

This may be my personal favorite of all the Gothic influence in these photos, and the room is really done fantastic. Every piece seems to fit where it is placed, and though it is busy with a lot of things, it works well and doesn't go too far.

My favorite is that cool bathtub. Love it!

Gothic Home Decor Photo

Simple but nice Gothic decor

In contrast to the last Gothic room this one seems almost bare, but again, every piece has its place, and there is the feeling to me that it is a great room to hang out in, and it has a lot of character. I like the white stand above the fireplace best.

Minimal but effective Gothic room decor

Gothic Restaurant Decor

Restaurants have really taken to Gothic decor, and customers really like the atmosphere it creates and drink in the unique aspects of the experience which is uncommon enough to be appreciated.


Gothic Restaurant

Gothic Restaurant very unique

It's amazing to see the contrasting Gothic decor in the restaurants included here. The one below is so different from the one above. In this one you almost feel yourself being taken back a couple hundred years or more and eating with the lesser nobles.

Gothic style restaurant decor

Dark Gothic Restaurant Decor

The Gothic decor in the restaurant below takes a much darker turn, and the skulls and dark red upholstery on the chairs and red drapes really go with the overall theme.

Did you notice the coffin where the skull is resting in the foreground? I wonder if they put anything on there besides what we see?

Photo Dark Gothic Horror Design Restaurant

Gothic Vaulted Ceilings

As you can see from a number of these photos, red does play a prominent part in Gothic decor. But the vaulted ceilings are what make this Gothic restaurant decor stand out; but the red really adds a nice touch and enhances the overall look.

Photo Gothic Vaulted Ceiling

Gothic Room Decor with Chandelier

This could be a room of a major noble from hundreds of years ago from the look and feel of it. I like the table and chairs in the middle, but that chandelier really stands out and makes the room more than it would have been without it.

There's a little too much going on with those paintings, but otherwise pretty nice.

Nice Gothic Chandelier

Gothic decor is tremendously diverse

As you can see from all these photos, Gothic decor takes on a lot of looks and feel, and you can create a seemingly endless number of combinations and variety when including the accessories that make and at so much to the room.

Hopefully you'll get some ideas from these rooms with Gothic decor, especially if it's your favorite style or you're inspired from it.

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    • ds23pallas profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice hub - found it looking for inspiration for a gothic themed home studio.

    • Eternal Evolution profile image

      Eternal Evolution 

      8 years ago from kentucky

      nice hub. i've always wanted to use a gothic style in my home

    • shanel profile image


      8 years ago from Seattle

      You have some really creative approaches to gothic style. I especially love the wallpapers. Nice hub.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great Hub. Choice of photo was perfect...My compliments

    • Mikewerk profile image


      8 years ago from New Haven, Connecticut

      Great Hub! It brings to mind the magazine "World of Interiors". They're a great source for Gothic inspiration and often feature editorials on abandoned castles and estates converted into private homes. They have a very Old World/Gothic aesthetic to their features and highlight some odd stuff like Taxidermy, Scientific Specimens, etc.

    • Model-Space profile image

      Rod Meier 

      9 years ago from Neu-Ulm, Germany

      Thanks for your Hub!

      I am searching for accessoires for my gothic Photography Project. I saw some ideas in your pictures. A good inspiration for my next Gothic Photoshooting.

      My Article here on Hubpages about Gothic Photography:

      Rod Meier



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