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Granite Countertops: Beauty through the Ages

Updated on July 21, 2016

Although granite floors, steps, and patios have been in a part of home design for centuries, it is in more recent years that granite countertops have seen a resurgence in the kitchen and bath. This due in part to a society that is more focused on a room not just being functional, but also being a place for relaxing. Be it the en suite of a master bedroom, or a kitchen designed for entertaining the use of granite has become more and more common, until it is nearly expected in the homes of some neighborhoods, and a definite point in the resale value of many other homes.

But what it is about granite countertops that makes them so standard as to almost be expected? After all, there are many choices for countertops these days, be it the old school usage of laminate to butcher block tops and an assortment of synthetic and natural stones, so one might think that granite is dated. But, in reality, the reverse is true. More and more homeowners are looking for the beauty and durability of granite countertops and they aren’t shy about using it in not just the expected places like the kitchen or bath, but also for inside and outside bar tops, in business spaces, and even as elegant coffee table tops or end tables.

Today’s homeowner is now able to purchase granite countertops easier than ever before. And thanks to the ease of shipping, as well as being able to research the type of granite, as well as understand the value of different edge designs, colors, thickness and other features, granite has never been more popular. In fact, unlike in years past where much of the US granite usage meant being limited to set number of vendors, now you can find a variety of granite purveyors in nearly every state – in fact, in some areas, there are multiple locations one can visit to help with the granite selection process.

But, if you are still on the edge about making the swap to granite countertops and want to know the basic before visiting a vendor, then consider these benefits of granite:

  • Granite countertops will not d­epreciate in value.
  • It's a natural surface that has an almost luminous look.
  • No two pieces are exactly alike, so no worries about having a space that looks “just like so-an-so” has.
  • It's sanitary -- bacterial contamination is not a problem with granite.
  • Formed by heat and pressure, it can take the heat of a pan.
  • It's easy to clean with warm water and a mild detergent.

Granite countertops are a great addition to any space. Their timeless beauty will delight generations to come, and will add life and character to any space – be it formal or informal. There are many professionals such as Minneapolis Granite who can help you with your granite selection, or you can always to those you know who have granite counters in their home. So, if you are looking for that perfect element for your space, check out granite – you will be glad you did.

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of granite countertops. One such site worth visiting is

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