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Grass Alternatives

Updated on October 14, 2010

Alternatives to grass

Grass Alternatives

If you are bored of seeing grass in your lawn or are fed up with the intermittent growth of weeds, there are other alternatives to decorating your garden. With the grass lawns involving great effort, time, money for maintenance, the importance of grass alternatives is rising fast. Moss, cloves, ornamental grass, artificial turf are some of the popular alternatives to grass, which involve less care and maintenance cost and do not require use of pesticides. What’s more, the irritating weeds will no longer be an irritant in your artificial grass lawn.

The following are some of the grass alternatives.


Moss is an ideal alternative to grass, which grows abundantly throughout the world. Popular for shade gardening, the springy textured-moss is extremely pleasant to walk on. The best part of growing moss is that it will remain green throughout the year, always giving you a pleasant feel.

Herbal Groundcovers

You have the option to grow herbal groundcovers, which quickly cover the area with a rich green carpet. The biggest advantage of growing groundcovers is that they stay low, barely 4 to 8 inches high, need very little water and require no mowing or artificial fertilizes for better growth. Walking bare feet on the dense, matted texture of groundcovers is a lovely experience. Herb plants, an ideal example of herbal groundcovers, are short in height, perennial, spread quickly and require no maintenance. Dutch White Clover, a type of herbal groundcovers, grows as a tightly packed plant that spreads fast and roots out weeds.

Artificial Grass

You can also plant ornamental grass, an artificial substitute to natural grass. It grows in clumps and has long, tapering leaves. To give a pretty look to your garden, mix beds of ornamental grass with that of flowers and shrubs. Ornamental grass comes in various types for different seasons, such as Blue Grass, Bent Grass for cool season and Bermuda Grass, Carpet Grass, Centipede Grass and Bahia Grass for warm season.

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is another alternative to the natural grass lawns, which require regular care and watering. Artificial turf does not need such extensive care. Moreover, it is drought friendly, requires little light and entails low maintenance cost. Artificial turf can even be laid down in courtyards and apartment balconies. It appears similar to natural turf and adds to the beauty of your house.

If you are still looking for more grass alternatives, adding a deck of wood, patio, brick or natural stone will do wonders to your garden, beautifully covering your yard area. Adding potted plants will add to the ambience.  


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