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Gray Duvet Cover

Updated on March 21, 2011

Gray Duvet Covers

The Versatile Gray Duvet Cover

When you think of a gray duvet cover, you probably think that it's something that could only look good in a modern home. The truth is that there are many gray duvet covers that are not only gray, but predominantly in their floral, striped or other design.

Gray has been given a bad rep. Not only is it always classified as a modern color, but it is also thought of as cold and lifeless. This could not be farther from the truth, because gray is a very easy color to live with.

A gray duvet cover can add sensuality, warmth, soothing, or neutrality to your bedroom. It all depends on the shade of gray and whether or not there is a pattern within.

Decorating With A Gray Duvet Cover

Gray is essentially one of the easiest colors to decorate with. In fact you just about have any color room or any print of wallpaper, and your gray duvet cover would go fine with it. Gray is as neutral as beige or taupe.

If you're first buying a gray duvet cover and then decorating, you should choose wall colors that will complement the duvet cover. For example, if the gray duvet cover is mostly white with gray and blue flowers, then you might want to choose blue walls. Of course, you could always be really different and choose a shade of orange for the walls, or stick with blue or gray walls and orange accessories.

Pretty much any color can go with a solid gray duvet cover, so be colorful and steer clear of other neutrals if you can - although there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a very neutral bedroom. If you do choose to decorate in neutrals, then at least have a little fun with the accent pillows or the lamp shade.

If you like to shop online and eBay have a large selection of gray duvet covers.

gray duvet cover
gray duvet cover


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