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Great Kitchen Accesories

Updated on September 10, 2009

Green Pan

Hello everyone today I thought I would talk to you about a wonderful new cookware. It's the most amzing cookware I have ever used.I know most people wouldn't get excited about cookware but when you're done reading I think you will understand why I love my Green Pan cookware.

First of all they are beautiful When you see them you will understand what I mean. And they look like that forever. They come with a lifetime guarantee. And unless you do something to ruin them yourself, you will never have to buy non=stick cookware again. You all know how expensive that gets. You have to throw them out after a couple of years because after awhile everything sticks and the teflon is gone. Well these pans have no teflon to worry about.

Second of all nothing sticks in these pans. And I mean nothing. You don't even have to use oil or butter if you don't want to. Now some people might want it for taste but the nice thing is you have the option not to.

Then of course your food cooks alot quicker then a regular pan. The heat is the same temperature all in the pan. No cold spots. So everything cooks the same at the same time. So it saves you time and all your food cooks to the right consistancy. Amazing.

Now let me tell you about taste. I think because you don't have to use oil everything tastes delicious. I have grown to love food that I had grown tired of. Mostly because now I can taste it and not the oily substance I usually tasted before.

Now let's talk about the clean up. No more soaking that nasty pan that doesn't come clean. Honest I would not lie to you. You can just put it under running water and wipe it out with a paper towel and it's clean. I however I wash them because I have this thing about my dishes being very clean.

The set I purchased came with a 6 inch fry pan a10 inch fry pan and l grill pan. Which for you grillers out there this grill pan is amazing. You even get the grill marks on your meat. And the taste well I can't tell you enough about that. You also get the lids for the two regular pans.

I've had my set for over a year and they look just like they did when I purchased them. No scratches no missing teflon nothing. They still clean up just as easy too. I think I made a wonderful investment since I cook as much as I do. They have bakeware too just as amazing and wonderful as the cookware. And I almost forgot to tell you they are very light weight. Your wrists will no longer suffer from heavy cookware.

Now you can buy these retail but it will be a little pricey. I did not. I purchased them on HSN because you get a better price and you have the option to use the easy payment plan. Which is a great idea since the economy is in the dump right now.

For those of you who have this cookware you know what I'm talking about. For those of you who don't you're missing out. And if you decide to try them let me know what you think. I know you will love them.


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