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Great Patio Furniture - Why Wrought Iron May Be Right For You

Updated on April 22, 2010

Poolside Patio Furniture

Photo courtesy Jason Weeks
Photo courtesy Jason Weeks

For thousands of years, iron has been used to make swords, nails and other hardware essential to building, hunting and warfare.  In Roman times, iron was used to make tables and racks similar to the modern baker’s rack.  Today, wrought iron remains a popular material for constructing furniture, particularly outdoor patio furniture.  Wrought iron has several advantages over other popular furniture materials such as plastic, aluminum and teak. 


Iron patio furniture remains stylish no matter what decade we’re in.  Whether the design is modern simplicity or antique elegance, wrought iron classiness shines through year after year.  Iron patio furniture shows that the owner has exquisite tastes and is fashionable.  Imagine walking out to a patio with plastic chairs – it’s laid back and easy, but also cheap.  Wrought iron furniture says to guests that the owner of this home cares about quality and keeping their décor matched, just like cedar or hardwood patio furniture speaks in this way, yet without the cost. 


Plastic patio furniture is by far the most affordable kind of furniture and is an excellent option for a young family.  Young adults and young couples just starting out can often only afford the plastic furniture and there’s nothing wrong with that.  However, for the myriad other benefits, iron’s cost does not seem quite so high.  It is less expensive than aluminum or teak furniture, making it a very affordable choice for anyone who wants long-lasting elegance.   An iron patio set costs about $400.  The same set in aluminum costs about $850.  Teak can cost well over $1,200.

Photo courtesy destudio on
Photo courtesy destudio on


With a little preventive maintenance, wrought iron patio furniture often lasts for years. It cleans up easily and is easy to maintain.  If the furniture is a little dusty or dirty, a wipe-down with a damp cloth or sponging with soap and a spray from the hose will clean it right up.  When cracking appears in the paint, a good sanding and fresh coat of paint will keep the furniture going for many more years.  A spray paint for metal works best.  Rust is iron’s biggest enemy.  Using an anti-rust spray will help protect furniture against rust; however, the best way to protect iron patio furniture is to keep it covered when not in use.  Investing in good quality furniture covers will keep the maintenance to a minimum.  Compared to plastic, iron’s durability is leagues ahead.


Iron’s ability to hold weight make this an excellent material for use as chairs or tables, perfect for patio furniture.  The heavy duty nature of iron means it can hold a variety of weights and sizes.  Iron is much more sturdy than plastic patio chairs and tables and comparable to aluminum or teak.

When the benefits and advantages of iron patio furniture are taken into consideration, especially with a decided lack of disadvantages, iron patio furniture becomes an attractive addition for any patio.

Photo courtesy destudio on
Photo courtesy destudio on

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    • profile image

      Chelbi 3 years ago

      The last memorable Patio eriexpence I had was last year at a friends wedding celebration. The party was held at the couples home and it was a really nice and elaborate affair. Good food, good music and fantastic guests. My wife and I decided we would enjoy the lavishness of the beautiful Patio, which was covered with rose petals. With the music playing inside and the sounds of it drifting onto patio we started to dance. My wife must have gotten a bit carried away with her part of the dance because she suddenly fell through the flooring!! I was thrown for a loop seeing her struggling and squealing as I tried to help her out of the situation she was in I was FLOORED , literally to find myself in a similuar situation, up to my thigh and trying frantically to pull myself up while trying to hold onto my wife at the same time, there we were, swinging like monkeys in a tree! We finally had help to free us from that carnivorous Patio, but my pants were ruined and as for my wife, well lets just say she no longer dances on patios!

    • profile image

      Putri 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Muhamet 3 years ago

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