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Great Smelling Home = Sold Sign

Updated on September 18, 2011

So you're selling your home. Do you realize that because of a combination of different factors your home has a "scent"? Yes, it does. It is your family's personal scent. Our sense of smell, although it is greatly ignored at times, is one of the major senses, and people can smell your house upon entering.

You can clean your house until your fingerprints disappear, but the scent will still remain. If you are selling your home, it is extremely important that your home smells great. We cook a lot of fish, Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian, British food, etc. We have a palate that loves all tastes and our noses love bold foods as well.

To some people though, some of these smells may be offensive to their olfactory senses, and if they are looking to buy a home like ours, then they would probably turn away. Of course, we do clean, and our home does not reek of curry, but the smells are still there in the background, even if we cannot immediately pick them up by just standing there and taking a big whiff.

One thing we should also remember, that our brains get used to smells that we encounter on a daily basis, and thus we become so accustomed, that they are almost non-existent to us, but they are to others.

When we were out buying homes, my wife and I noticed the smell of each home we visited. There were a few that were complete turn offs and we did not want to go much further than the front entry. This of course would change upon entering homes that had a scented candle burning somewhere in the house. This is a great idea, we thought. If we ever sell our home, we will place scented candles for people to enjoy.

The only problem with this though, is that you have to light these candles, and leave so the real estate agent and the potential buyers can visit your home comfortably. This, is very dangerous. One should never leave a burning candle unattended.

Instead of leaving a burning candle, we recommend that one use a warmer instead. A warmer works by plugging it in, and flipping a switch. It is powered by a low watt bulb that heats up the warmer's bowl, melts the wax and puts out a wonderful aroma. This is a lot safer than leaving a burning candle in your home, unattended.

Your potential buyers not only will notice the wonderful aroma in your home, but they will also notice the decor, and part of the decor is your Scentsy wickless flameless candle. I have included a link below by the comments for your convenience.

Selling a home in this economy is difficult. We must realize that we are not the only ones selling our homes. There are a lot more choices than there were before. Prices of homes have dropped drastically over the past few years, and the situation does not seem to be getting any better.

If we are going to compete with our neighbors, then we must go above and beyond what everyone else is doing to sell our home. Another tip that I can give you is this. When a potential buyer is out shopping for a new home, he/she or they are usually exhausted and they are probably hungry and or thirsty. Leaving some cookies in the kitchen with a nice printed sign that says, "Please help yourself to some cookies and refreshments" will be a great way for your potential buyer to remember your home. Along with the cookies, a flyer with images and description of your home will be extremely helpful.

The last day of our home shopping experience was exhausting. I remember it too well. I also remember that I don't remember what the other homes looked like. We saw 8 homes that day. What I do remember is this. The house where I now sit, writing this article, had such amenities for us. They had a plate of cookies, water and soft drinks in the refrigerator, and a flyer with pics of this home.

When the time comes to sell our home, we will do just the same, and we know that people will remember us. Good luck selling!


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    • Drjacki profile image

      Drjacki 6 years ago from North Carolina

      I have a great track record of selling my previous homes using the "scent" selling and cookies or bread baking work well in addition to candles and other lovely aromas!