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Great housing deals available at Daytona Beach

Updated on March 8, 2013

Ever thought of relaxing on a sandy beach under the Floridian sun? Sure makes you feel like a celebrity; doesn't it? Well, to tell you the truth, you don't have to have a boatload of money to buy a house by the beach anymore there are a lot of affordable housing options available along coastal Florida.

The state of Florida, popularly known as the sunshine state boasts of 300 sunny days during a year. It has a kind of Mediterranean weather where the winters are not too harsh and the summers are not too hot. The cold air is mainly prevented from entering into this region by the warm currents of the Gulf of mexico. The coastal region of Florida has multitude of small but beautiful beach towns that are proving to be great housing destinations and one of such towns is Daytona Beach.

Daytona Beach is located in Volusia County in northeast Florida. The town has a population of around 60000. The beaches in the town of Daytona Beach are exceptional in nature. The sand on these beaches is extremely hard; it is so hard that it makes driving on it possible! Daytona Beach might be the only beach in the whole world where driving of motorized vehicles on the sand is actually permissible! The town has been extremely popular for a plethora of motorsports especially motor races for more than half a century and attracts tourists all round the year for this very reason.

Whether you are looking for a single family home or a spacious townhouse or even a cozy condominium, Daytona beach real estate has it all!! A 3bedroom 2 bath luxury condo with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic can be around $280, 000. Similarly, a 1 bedroom and 1 bath riverfront condo can be just around $134, 000.

There are certain things to be remembered while purchasing a property. Buying a house is undoubtedly the most important decision one's life so an amount of extra caution on part of the buyer does not hurt. With the staggering economy in the us, the interest rates are already on the lower side but it is still important to bargain for a lucrative interest rate and other lending terms.

A half a percent decrease in interest rate might not seem much, but over the entire mortgage period, it could save you a boatload of money. For example, slashing interest rate from 4% to 3. 5% on a mortgage of $100000 can fetch a saving of $40 per month. This translates into $14400 over a typical 30 years mortgage period!

The prospective buyer also needs to make a list of needs he wants around the house and set a priority for these needs. If you prioritize, you would know whether you can live with or without a particular feature that the house has to offer. It is advisable to visit as many properties as possible that fit the buyer's requirements. Also, it is also beneficial to note down pros and cons of each property that you visit. In a nutshell, a house at Daytona Beach can be just an event waiting to happen provided one makes a logical and sensible decision.


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