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Green Building Financial Incentives in Washington State

Updated on July 18, 2010
Green Building Incentives for Washington State Residents
Green Building Incentives for Washington State Residents

If you live in Washington state and want to live in a green home that is energy efficient but are unsure if you can afford the extra initial price tag, there are houses available that have been developed that are designed to be affordable so that everyone can have a chance at a greener lifestyle.

Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard for Affordable Housing

This program is a block grant for affordable housing that is built to the standards of the Green Building Council and conforms with the program guidelines (program guidelines). These homes are designed to be affordable housing that will be low cost to own and operate. These black grants are designated throughout several areas of Washington including tribal lands and rural low-income areas. Check with your chamber of commerce to see if there are home building projects in your area that are part of this program.

Seattle: Density Bonus for Green Buildings

This is a grant for the development of the downtown area of Seattle. For those that live and work downtown, these buildings will be LEED certified and must meet a Silver LEED rating 90 days after occupancy has begun. If you love the downtown lifestyle and are looking for green housing, this may be your chance to get into a green apartment. This grant is also available to businesses as well. These programs have to follow the LEED Silver building guidelines to qualify. Contact the Seattle Department of Commerce for more information.

Seattle / King County: Built Green Grant Program

 These grant programs are designed to pay for a portion of the added cost of energy efficient upgrades that also conserve the natural resources of the area. New construction residential and multifamily projects are applicable for these grants.  Most single family homes that participate in this program are eligible for a grant of $2,500 to $5,000 depending on the rating that the home gets from Snohomish County inspectors. Multifamily developments can earn up to $25,000 in grants depending again on the rating given by Snohomish County inspectors.  The Built Green Incentive Programis sponsored by the Department of Natural Resources and Parks.


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