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Green Cleaning Supplies-How to Make your Own Fabric Refresher

Updated on January 20, 2013

Save Money and Get Healthy

Hello, My name is HEATHER..... and I am an addict. You can insert your own - "hello Heather" response if you wish. I am more embarrassed to tell you what I am addicted to then I am to admit it to myself....I am addicted to making my own cleaning supplies. I have never been to an addicts meeting, but fear that I am getting very close to attending. My addiction to making my own cleaning products started with a little water and vinegar and now has come its fruition. I make my own laundry detergent, my own dishwashing detergent, window cleaner, floor cleaner, and now even my own homemade "Febreze". This all started as a way to save money and has now spiraled out of control. My husband was extremely annoyed at first and begged me to just purchase the ready made items but as more and more of these all natural concoctions worked....he began asking for the recipes. He won't admit he was wrong but he will ask for a refill of the bottle and that is enough for me. I don't only do it to save money and to reduce the amount of chemicals my family is exposed to...I do it to feed my addiction for being active in both.

As I began my quest for the perfect recipe for homemade febreze, I came across many that suggested that I use fabric softener. I will include this recipe for you BUT if you are truly looking to take the Green Cleaning path to reduce the chemicals in your home, you may want to try the TRULY GREEN recipe. Rest assured-both will save you money!


•16 ounce empty spray bottle

•vodka, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel
•4-6 drops essential oil ( select your favorite scent!)

Add ½ cup of your choice of vodka, rubbing alcohol, or witch hazel to a 16 ounce spray bottle.

Add ½ teaspoon essential oil of choice (or a mixture of oils). This is your fragrance and entirely up to you! Choose whatever you like!!!

Fill the remainder of the bottle with distilled water. Shake and spray!!

Now, I am not one to promote wasting vodka so I go with either witch hazel or rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol will leave a bit of a scent for a few seconds before it dissipates and leaves behind the scent you selected.


  • 1/8 Cup of fabric softener (any brand)
  • 2 tablespoons Baking Soda
  • Hot tap water
  • Spray bottle

Mix the softener, baking soda, and hot water together and pour it into a spray bottle! This entire bottle will cost you under $.20 cents!!!!!!

Quick Tip: Use a travel size spray bottle to keep in the car or gym bag!

Good luck on your quest to save money and to get a little "green" but be warned, it can be fun and oddly addictive. If you are ready to take the plunge into green cleaning, check out my other blogs on how to make many other healthy alternatives to those cleaners with chemicals---

You only need about 5 items to make a natural cleaning supply closet! With less than a dozen inexpensive -healthy products you can replace your entire cleaning cabinet 10x over for the same price!

Please share if you have any green cleaning recipes to feed my addiction!


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    • Mommymay profile imageAUTHOR

      Heather May 

      5 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks for reading Anthony! It really does work! Good luck

    • Anthony Binks profile image

      Anthony Binks 

      5 years ago from Northern Ireland

      My car is always stinking as I leave football gear and gym gear in it, I wil have to give your homemade febreeze a try.

      Thanks for sharing..


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