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Green Cutlery

Updated on September 2, 2010

More and more people worldwide are becoming conscious of a green environment since there is a pressing need to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that threatens to make our planet a hotter place to live in. Almost all of the countries have been informing their citizens that they should be aware of the effects if they don’t reduce their carbon footprint. As a result, there is a proliferation of green cutlery as answer to the call of preserving the environment.

Evidently, millions of people everyday use cutlery that are disposable such as food holders, plastic knives, spoon, fork that all add up to trash after the party is over. And what’s bad about plastic is that it cannot be destroyed easily without harming the environment, it cannot be burned because of its toxicity, and it cannot be buried because it does not decay for at least thousands of years. Thank God, green cutlery can now be purchases in the market. In fact, some restaurants are utilizing green cutlery already.

green cutlery
green cutlery

Green cutlery involves a wide choices of items made up of biodegradable materials such as spoons, forks and knives. The pollution in the planet would be reduced drastically if we utilized such items. Even packaging items have embraced the green consciousness by using brown bags over plastic. Green cutlery’s demand is increasing in each passing day, as every one tries to pitch in solving the garbage problem. Children’s parties produce a lot of trash and garbage can now be more earth-friendly affairs by utilizing green cutlery.

Green cutlery that includes disposable items such as knives, foods, and spoons are now made up of organic materials that can be easily composted with biodegradable materials. There’s no need to feel guilty about using so much utensils when hosting parties or having a picnic since all the trash could be brought home and composted in the garden.

The good news about green cutlery is that they’re as functional and handy as normal cutlery since they’re not made of poor quality plastic that easily breaks or chips. In fact, green cutlery can withstand heat up to 220 F, applicable for hot food and roast meat. It’s time to contribute in making the planet green by using green cutlery. Select from various online stores that distribute these great products.


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