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Green Deal Cashback

Updated on November 19, 2015

Green Deal Cashback

This was a scheme in which you could have home improvements done on your home to make it more energy efficient. It is closed now.

The First Steps

The first step was to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) done. This cost £150 and it would recommend what measures could be carried out. My recommendations were

Under floor insulation

Cavity Wall insulation

Insulated doors

Room Thermostat

Extra Insulation for the hot water tank

Solar Thermal

Air Source Heat Pump

Micro CHP (combined heat and power)

What next??

Underfloor insulation was a 'No' as there is not enough room under my floor

Cavity wall insulation is also a 'No' as I don't have cavity walls.

Solar Thermal? I did think about it, but it would mean yet more panels on the roof, as I already have Solar PV panels, plus they would be on a east or west facing roof, which is not ideal.

Room Thermostat? Yes.

Extra insulation for the hot water tank? Yes

As for the others - too expensive

Room Thermostat

Salus IT500 Room Thermostat
Salus IT500 Room Thermostat

Room Thermostat

The room thermostat which was installed was a Salus IT500. It is very good. Fairly similar to the Hive system. You can access you program through a website and change the temperature, even turn the heating off.

It is possible to do this through a smart phone, apparently, but the app doesn't work with my phone (Blackberry)

Insulation - Hot Water Tank

The hot water tank already had an extra jacket on it, but I was recommended to put a second one on. I also went as far as insulating all the pipes around the tank


EPC - £150

Room Thermostat - £300

Insulating Jacket - £15

Pipe insulation - £15

Post install EPC - £30

I received cash back for the EPC and the thermostat, but not the insulation jacket, pipe insulation nor the Post Install EPC, so I was £60 out of pocket.


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