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Green House Cleaning: Tips, Service, and Products

Updated on November 27, 2011


Your home should be your refuge from all of the stressors in life. It should be a place of safety where you, your family, and your friends can enjoy life and good health with one another. This is why green house cleaning is so important. Making some easy changes in the products we buy to clean our homes can reduce the potentially harmful effects some chemicals have on our bodies and in our environment.

Warnings on Cleaners

Being a single man with three cats, my home gets dirty. I need a cleaning solution that will power through all the grime and get my counters, tub, and sinks looking good again. Normally, I don’t care what the solution is I just want it to work. Green house cleaning is a nice idea but I just want clean. One day I was cleaning my bathtub with a cleaner that had warnings on the bottle. These warning said not to breathe the fumes, not to get it on my skin, and for goodness sake, don’t drink it. As I finished scrubbing the tub I wondered what all is in the fumes that I have no choice but to breath. I wondered if short exposure times to the fumes several times a year over many years would hurt my lungs. I most certainly was not using a green house cleaning product.

Green Cleaning Products

As I thought about what all is in the cleaner I normally use, I got to thinking. For the same price I can buy a cleaning product that does not cause health problems instead of the product that may affect my skin, breathing, and general wellbeing. No brainer, folks. It is time to switch to green house cleaning products.

7th Generation offers many green house cleaning products. From bathroom cleaning products, to laundry soaps, to hand soaps, and kitchen trash bags, 7th Generation has products to meet all your green house cleaning needs. There products have a fresh smell that will not irritate those who have a sensitive nose, such as myself. What I like best about 7th Generation’s green house cleaning products is the fact they do not leave a toxic residue. In fact, no toxins are used in there cleaners. This makes me feel safe.

If you are concerned that a green house cleaning product will not be powerful enough to get up the mess you are confronted with, I have a green house cleaning tip for you. Let the product do the hard work. What I mean is, let the green house cleaning product sit on stubborn stains to break them up. After a period of time or overnight, come back and wipe up the mess. It is easy to start green house cleaning.

Green House Cleaning

Green house cleaning makes me feel better about my home. I don’t wonder about toxic residue on my sinks, counters, or floors every time I hear a news story about a new chemical danger. Green house cleaning products cost the same as there counterpart cleaners. This allows switching cleaners with the wallet shock. If you have a favorite green cleaner I’d like to hear about it.


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