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Green Technology in New Household Appliances

Updated on December 13, 2010

Today there is a race on in the country to do as much as we can to save the environment and make new products that are more “Green” oriented that will not cause harm to the environment. While business are gearing up or are already implementing green technology into their products it has an added advantage for the consumer using green tech. The new products are being designed to use less energy than before which helps lower electricity bills for the consumer. When consumer are remodeling or in the process of purchasing a house they are looking for energy saving appliances . Green tech appliances often have a energy star sticker or something that allows you to turn them on to the energy saving mark. Most of the appliances with have a rating from A – F on how much they are eco friendly. But, they not only save electricity they are designed to save water and heating cost. The big advantage to these appliances is that the company who manufactures them is using recycled material in the process so when they end up in a land fill they will bio degrade faster than older ones.

One example of a newly efficient appliance found in homes is the washing machine. Normally the old bulky ones were using tremendous amounts of energy. But today you can find washing machines that are A rated and has a 40c wash to tremendously save on the electric used. More commonly also that helps is if your washing machine is front loaded this will add additional savings to the environment and life of the washer.

Another not so nice appliance that has become a great environmentally friendly use is the refrigerator. Most refrigerators manufactured today have a high A rating to them. The refrigerants that are now being used in the refrigerators are in foam which provides better insulation and the circuits are then cut the cooling to ozone being released into the air. There are of course those still being made with CFCS but the reduction of CFC in refrigerators should have deleted to ozone deviancies’ too no more than 15 due to environmental protection laws. At the end of the lifecycle for these refrigerators the manufacture usually has a recycling program in place where you can get a discount on a new one by the same manufacture and they will haul away your old one

Manufactures have to by law display how much eco friendly material goes into making the product. So most appliances you come across with have there rating clearly shown. When it comes even to the packaging that is used to package these they should be at least 85 % recyclable. This is an advantage to the consumer and manufacture because they both are able to du there part to save the planet. The consumer

Another appliance that causes ozone depletion and uses a lot of electricity is the dishwasher. Having a non energy saving model can cost you twice the amount over a yearly period that you paid for it. It will use a less water when washing dishes and less electricity. Some high efficiency models also allow the use of recycling and flame retardant materials that produce less noise and reclaim water.

Green Technology in Household Appliances

Another new type off appliance for putting into homes is the Oven. Manufactures are currently introducing a new model that is run solely on solar hybrid technology. This allows the oven to heat up to 400 degrees without even using any electricity. But the oven has a backup it incase there is no sun to use electricity when needed.

The biggest thing while chooseing appliances are the size. Choosing the best size for you is perfect because the bigger the appliance the more energy it will use. So don’t choose one that is too large or too small because it will not save as much. The energy you can consume in a appliance is measured n watts not voltage so make sure you check it out prior to purchasing. So the lower the wattage the less power it consumes.

Appliances are not the only new green technology being offered but it is on the leading edge of energy efficiency for homes. But many other technologies from cars to computers are also getting in on the band wagon. It will help lower prices as well as save the planet what more could you want. So next time you’re shopping for appliances or electronics make sure you check there green rating before you buy so you can save some green yourself.


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