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Grocery Delivery In Midland and Odessa, Texas

Updated on October 13, 2015

Shopping at a Glance

Midland, Texas and Odessa Texas are called the Petroplex area of West Texas. There is also the Permain Basin, so many words for two cities that boom with the oil we produce in our region.We have a plethora of shopping places since our last oil boom and they are doing very well,even with a lot of folks leaving town. The fact is that the Petroplex area has not really hurt as bad as it did in the 1980s bust. That was a different story all together.We still have oil and gas drilling going around the area ,just not as many as last year at this same time.I saw and heard a need for a grocery shopping service and decided I would market this area.

The marketing had paid off because I realized that there was no shopping service for the people in this area of the country. I found out that getting started in this area of business would be hard to accomplish , but anything easy is not worthwhile.I have a company now with and I am able to satisfy my customer needs with thier grocery shopping and errand running.

It seems that the world has both husband and wife working to make ends meet. This makes caring for the children and daily task such as shopping impossible for the homeowner.This is where Petroplex Shopping Service has come in to take care of a need and desire.We do not charge for delivery but for shopping at the store of the customers choosing.This makes it easier for us to get the brands that the customer is familiar with and quickly we can fill orders to shop.

We included an app called on our webpage to make convience for those who like to save even more money on their grocery spending. This app allows a customer to utilize coupons and pick a customers' favorite store and build a grocery list then sync it to us or email this order to us with the coupons. Very handy and takes only a few minutes to understand how this application works for the customer and it is free. If one looks for ideas on saving money and getting the product out to the customer in a fast and convenient way, you have made a customer that will come back and use the service again over and over.

There was no doubt in my mind that our company has learned how to save the customer headaches.Limiting ordering with several ways of comunications and to just let us control the shopping experience for our customers. This makes them very happy with our service and our customers become friends.

Business as a shopper can be frustrating as we endure long lines and schedules to adhere to but we make out just fine. Our business has taken off from day one and is growing very quickly by word of mouth.Of course we had to advertise with flyers and a few friends ,but once we got our website up and phone lines open, calls started coming in for our service.

In the beginning I was going to do all the shopping because I did not forecast this business to need a employee, however I have hired two employee's now and they are wonderful and cheerful and express that they enjoy shopping for the customer and they enjoy the good pay . I believe if you pay someone good and if you make money and they also should make money is my attitude towards business as a whole.The problem with most companies in the customer service industry is they pay lousy wages to thier employees and you get what you pay for.Corporate America use to give nice bonuses and wage hikes to those whom perfrom their duties to the fullest extent, however this has changed and productivity slows down because you have unsatisfied employees not getting a piece of the action from their companies. How do they expect to thrive in such a competitive edge when you do not recognize and employee with cash? I see certificates of "John did a good analysis of the company and we award him Senior VP of Sales", but business does not pay john a cent more for doing his outstanding work. He wants a check to reflect what he has done, and this is not happening all across the USA.

Back to my shopping business, if you never have considered doing this in your home town and would like information on how to get started. I would suggest you look at the different ideas on the internet and decide if you want to join a Franchise or go alone on this. I can see where both ways could work.I decided to go with a Franchise that is well known for it's web presence and easy navigation to a customer.The price is very low in getting started or can be high depending on how you want to advertise.

Shopping The Store

The Shopping Experience ( Customer Satisfaction)

In conclusion of my shopping business there is one word that sums it all up. This is called serve the customer like you want them to serve you. Put yourself in their place for a moment and reflect back at what you see. This can make an impact on your business whether you are in a shopping type service or in a corporate position. I was fed up with corporate America finally and wanted to run another business on my own. I have started to succeed in Petroplex Shopping Service as I treat the customer as a friend and not a business partner.Smile, laugh and enjoy the time on earth with human beings that are just wanting what they ordered and on time.This is called customer satisfaction or good business practice.

If you practice this way of life with a business and make yourself a customer of your own product. You will see where the flaws may lie. You will also see what improvements you can make to keep that one customer. The truth is you only have that one customer and keep that in the back of your mind,cause they add up to many after a time with a good attitude and well paid employee.

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