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Grohe Showers, Showerheads, Handshowers Review: Rainshower, Relexa, Others

Updated on January 6, 2015

Grohe Showers

Grohe offer several types of handshowers, showerheads, and various water spraying systems to complement their selection of bathroom faucets and tubs. All in all, the company' shower department contains about a dozen collections – a surprisingly short inventory, considering the broad (in the hundreds) assortments manufactured that such brands as American Standard, Moen, Delta Faucet, and Kohler.

The reason lies in the wish to focus on technology rather than design, though Grohe have introduced a genuinely groundbreaking design in the Rainshower Next Generation line; Relexa, Euphoria and Movario fixtures also display unique sculptural features – resembling, most surprisingly, various light bulbs.

In terms of technology, Grohe showers include patents that address the tactile and visual senses, soothing and comforting the skin, the eyes and, if it is true that water streams massage the muscles and underlying epidermis, securing a therapeutic effect with CoolTouch, StarLight, and DreamSpray technologies respectively. Let's take a closer look at some of the collections:

Grohe Rainshower Hand-Shower
Grohe Rainshower Hand-Shower


  • Rainshower is a master collection that includes classic flat ceiling mounted showerheads, industrial inspired, more sophisticated and luxurious Rustic models, and the most recent and raved about Next Generation series, specifically the doughnut shaped futuristic model. Rainshower fixtures incorporate the entire range of Grohe trademark technologies, and usually arrive in chrome finish.

  • Relexa constitutes another master collection (standard, Rustic, and Plus), that stands out for its bell-shaped traditional architecture – that on a closer examination reveals uncanny similarities to light bulbs. Equipped with trademark DreamSpray and SpeedClean features, Relexa fixtures exist in both showerhead and handshower modes. Accessories includes body sprays and matching slide-bars.

  • Movario collection, also available in fixed and free shower installation categories, presents a classic eclectic look that takes a break from the intense innovations and the dedicated nostalgia, calmly dwelling on the laurels of traditional bathroom aesthetic. RotaHead technology allows to adjust the stream and render the piece a body spray.

  • Euphoria displays another light-bulb like item (when installed, only the flat component will be visible) that also draws inspiration from nature: the showerhead appears like a cloud, replicating, when activated, the sensation of standing under a warm summer rain. Here Grohe prove that ecology can inform bathroom design as effectively as it informs utility.


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