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Grow A Palm Coconut Tree.

Updated on October 14, 2016

Coconut With The Roots Out Of The Fruit.

How To Start Growing The Palm Tree.

First, the coconut fruit needs to be old enough to grow the palm out. The best way to find a perfect coconut . It is by trying a couple from the same branch. If the water taste rancid and no sweet at all, and the white fruit is half-inch or more hard. The coconuts to grow, they need to place under a tree. If the temperature is not too hot. They need to place in a container with water. Another way is by placing them in a wet soil. If the soil around any tree is moist and wet . The fruit will give a nice palm tree.

A Palm Coconut Tree Inside The Ground.

How To Open The Hole And Plant The Palm.

The soil needs to be moist from the rain or a hose water. It is easier to dig the soil on the ground. The hole needs to be big enough to prevent breaking the roots while placing the coconut with the palm attach to the fruit. Place the coconut gently in the hole. Then, the palm tree needs to be cover with the hands full of soil. Adjust the coconut with one hand, and the other hand needs to cover the hole with the soil. Keep an eye on the palm and water the plant when the soil is dry.

After Two Years The Palm Tree Has Coconuts.

For Best Results To Obtain A Good Quantity Of Coconuts.

Adding water every week to the tree is essential. Adding plant food or natural fertilizer will give the palm extra power to feed many coconuts. It best to be moderate with any additives to the palm. The results can be not so pleasant; the tree will dry out.

How To Get The Fruit From The Tree.

A tall strong metal or wood stick with a hook to pull down or push up, it used. Stay away from the falling down fruits. The fruit is heavy and can open your head or any part of the body. Do not over do it. The arm will hurt if you have previous injuries. To open the hole on the coconut is easier. If you are stranded it in the middle of a place where there are no coconut openers. You need to find a piece of sharp strong rock and hit the coconut a few times in the same spot. You need to use a piece of clothes to protect your hands. Most people open a coconut with a machete. It is used on farms. Or simple, you need to use your imagination.

A Coconut Tree Fact.

Did you know that in Florida coconut trees are popular.?

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Uses Of Coconuts.

Coconuts recipes
Bread or cookies
Health food stores


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