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How To Grow Plants With Fat Buds Using Fluorescent Lights

Updated on October 25, 2011

Fluorescent lighting has been around for some time and a lot of growers are pretty familiar with the light these things produce.

You may have also heard along the way that these fluorescent lighting systems can actually be used to grow some excellent plants. There is a longstanding myth that these lights are only for lighting up rooms and don't have any other actual use. The majority of people tend to think that fluorescent lights are just not strong enough, or that they do not exude the correct light spectrum's to grow your ladies. Other people may believe that you need a certain kind of growing light to grow anything under a light indoors. This misconceptions are in fact not true.

Fluorescent lights work very good to grow fat medical bud as long as they are used in the correct way.

This myth most likely came about because of the low temps that fluorescent lights produce. Many people think of our sun when they're thinking of growing plants. The sun gives off way more than just light. Of course it produces heat energy which we can feel almost every day depending on where you live! You can't noticeably warm a room with a fluorescent light and most fluorescents run at such a low temperature that you can't even feel the heat coming off the bulbs any farther than a few inches away. However, just because these lights don't give off a bunch of heat don't conclude that they do not produce the type of energy to successfully grow your plants.

In fact many indoor gardeners have been utilizing fluorescent grow lights in their grow rooms to lower electricity costs and to deal with the heat that the majority of HID grow lights give off.

T5 are perhaps the most used of the fluorescent lights when it comes to growing. This certain type of fluorescent light works great with indoor grow systems because the smaller size and the light energy that is emitted. Indoor Growers will often use fluorescent lights during the cloning phase of growth and also during the vegetative phase of the plant. The plant does not need as much energy when its not in the flowering cycle so the fluorescents work just fine for these earlier stages getting the plants the light energy needed to excel and flourish.

Regardless if you believe the myth of fluorescent lights being applied in a grow system or not, you should now possess a good understanding that yes, these fluorescent lights do get used to grow plants indoors and effectively giving you lovely harvests of fat medical buds year round.


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    • profile image

      Maconheiro Local 6 years ago

      Yeah, fluors definitely works great! Even in the flowering stage, because you can have the lights really close to the plants and they won't produce heat at all.

    • profile image

      Cotton 6 years ago

      I have had Many Great Grows under T5 lighting...

      No Question... it will do the trick..