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Grow Your Own Vegetables And Fruit

Updated on October 14, 2012
Having a kitchen garden means that you have fresh fruit and vegetables to eat and for cooking
Having a kitchen garden means that you have fresh fruit and vegetables to eat and for cooking | Source

In this day and age, there are lots of people undertaking the task of growing their own vegetables and fruit instead of buying them in the supermarket or greengrocers. This new trend ranges from cultivating a small herb garden right up to and including complete self-sufficiency in the provision of one’s fruit and vegetable needs. There are many reasons for this rise in popularity of this enterprise as this article will outline.

At one time,it was common for people to grow their own fruit and vegetables but this practice declined with the commercialization of the food industry and the provision of a large variety of fruit and vegetables from supermarket outlets. There are a number of good reasons to start growing your own which are outlined as follows

Freshness of the produce

It is healthier if vegetables and fruit are eaten as soon after harvesting as possible. Furthermore, they taste better if this is done. Vegetables and fruit purchased from supermarkets are harvested before they are ripe to increase the shelf life of the produce which negatively affects taste. By growing your own produce you get the best possible taste, ripeness and freshness.


When crops are grown commercially, high yield, long shelf life and standard appearance are often of the main criteria for selection which often has a negative impact on quality. By growing one’s own produce, the emphasis can be on quality of the crop rather than these other factors.


Many of the fruit and vegetables displayed for sale in supermarkets are very overpriced when one compares the price and value obtained from growing your own produce from seed. If preferred, one can grow fruits and vegetables from seedlings and still have much less expensive and better quality produce. If you use the seeds from the plants from one season to another, there is no cost involves except fr the time and effort used to maintain the kitchen garden you have cultivated.


When one is growing one’s own vegetables and fruit, there are no concerns about the use of chemical pesticides or other unfavourable growing practices which one has no control over if one is buying from a supermarket. One can put the emphasis on organic methods which do not rely on pesticides etc.


There are countless different varieties of fruit and vegetables which are often not available in the supermarket which focuses on the high yield, inexpensive to produce varieties. Because of this , there is a limited choice of each type of vegetable and fruit which is not the case if one is cultivation a kitchen garden when there is freedom of selection of different varieties of produce.


All the advantages of maintaining your own kitchen garden are outlined above. The only disadvantage is that it takes time, energy and effort to get started in developing and maintaining a kitchen garden. Perhaps it is best to start small with a herb garden for example and gradually expand one’s efforts to include other fruit and vegetables. It is a worthwhile hobby in which you get plenty of fresh air and exercise as well as becoming self-sufficient


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