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Growers Champagne Might Not Be Typecast In The Movies.

Updated on March 28, 2014

Champagne has long been a central character in the movies, we are all familiar with the mass produced brands like Moet and Bollinger and the roles they have played in movies through the ages. However not all champagnes are equal and growers champagne might become the star of the movie and not a member of the chorus or supporting cast.

We are all familiar with the role champagne has played in various movies throughout the ages; movie characters like James Bond always used his knowledge of vintage champagnes to impress his leading lady and those around him in the casino scenes of the movies, ordering with confidence his favourite bottle of Bollinger of a certain vintage.

Perhaps we are more familiar with Pretty Woman where Richard Gere’s character, whose knowledge of strawberries to enhance the flavour of the champagne he has ordered for leading lady Julia Roberts fails to impress her.

All of these champagnes would have undoubtedly been mass produced brands that perhaps lacked the finesse and uniqueness of grower champagne that connoisseurs have come to appreciate. Growers champagne is a specialist produced champagne that is produced of course in one of the world’s most famous wine producing regions and has some very important differences to mass produced counterparts. Grower’s champagne is produced by groups of specialists who oversee the whole process from the growing of the grape to the doorstep delivery to the customer. How are they able to have this level of control? Primarily because they own the vineyards the grapes are grown on and have struck strategic partnerships with specialists who are able to deliver the sparkling wine form vineyard to customer’s doorstep.

Movie writers have missed a trick by opting to promote high street brands of champagne over these truly unique champagnes produced by Frances most individual producers of fine wines. Champagne is always used to celebrate special occasions and always used to create the idea of exclusivity, with growers champagne there is no illusion to be created, they are unique and individual. The fact that they can be ordered by customers online and can be delivered direct to customer’s door steps by simply clicking a button is an opportunity that should not be missed.


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