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Growing Garlic tips

Updated on April 19, 2013

Growing garlic is not difficult at all if you like gardening. This plant is very tasty, it is healthy, it looks beautiful and it doesn’t take too much space in your garden. The most important thing is to choose the right varieties: plant at the appropriate time, in the right soil; after that you have to harvest it at the right moment.

In order to choose the right variety of garlic you have to know that are hundreds types of garlic but the most important difference is the one between soft neck and hard neck.

The soft neck garlic is called like that because the whole plant dies down to pliancy, leaving nothing but the bulb and flexible stems that are easy to braid.

The hard neck garlic is called like that because it has a stiff stem in the center that terminates in a beautiful flower or cluster of little bulbs then dries to a rigid stick that makes braiding impossible.

In order to grow garlic is very important to know when to plant it. But to plant the garlic is very easy:

In the middle of autumn, around October 10, you should plant the garlic bulbs in loose, very fertile soil without any weeds if it’s possible. The space between the cloves should be about 8 inches apart in all directions. You should bury the garlic tips about 2 inches down. After that you should mulch around them with straw and draw the mulch over the whole bed.

In spring you have to pull the mulch back when you see that the new shoots emerge. A good advice is to give the garlic a shot of mixed fish emulsion and liquid seaweed. Don’t water the plant unless the soil is very dry, pour about two or more inches down, and avoid to pour in the crown of the plant.

It is very difficult to estimate when the right time to harvest the garlic is. There are some factors which determines the harvest time. One of the factors is the climate zone where you plant the garlic and also the climate in the growing year. You should know that heat speeds up the harvest and the cold it slow it down.

One of the clues which indicate that the plant is ready to be harvested is when the lower leaves are brown, and the upper ones are still green.


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