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Growing Indoor plants Under LED Grow Lights

Updated on February 21, 2011
Even flowers can be successfully grown indoors under LED grow lights
Even flowers can be successfully grown indoors under LED grow lights | Source

Growing plants outdoors is fine - the sun provides natural light. But what if you need to grow indoors?

Anyone who is interested in growing plants should know that in order to have nice healthy crops, plenty of light is needed. That’s why led grow lights were designed, in order to replace the sunlight when plants are grown indoors.

So for those who don't know, what are LED grow lights, and what makes them different from any other indoor lights?

Since LED lights (LED stands for Light Emitting Diode) are made especially to emit a similar light to the rays from the sun, the secret which makes them help plants in growing is the electromagnetic spectrum that they produce. Essentially, the high color temperature is really close to the one from the sun.

But why do indoor plants need these LED grow lights?

The fact is that almost all plants on earth need sun light in order to grow, because the process of photosynthesis needs to be done. Photosynthesis is the process which enables the plants to convert their carbon dioxide into various nutriments needed, therefore that is what provides the plant its actual ‘food’. So we now know that plants need sun light in order to grow healthy and LED grow lights can provide them almost the same conditions.
A LED grow light provides the necessary warmth and light needed by a plant in order for it to grow normally.

One of the great advantages brought by LED grow lights is the fact that you can grow no matter what you want the whole year. Whether if you want tomatoes during winter or spring flowers in the fall, you can have them all if you grow plants indoor and you provide them that best artificial lighting system. Also, LED grow lights are the newest technology in this area and people say that they are among the best lights for indoor plants. However, because of the different kind of light, it is not recommended that plants under LED grow lights to be exposed to be viewed, because the light makes them look unnatural.
A great advantage which makes the LED grow light more profitable than an incandescent light or a fluorescent one is the fact that it doesn’t emit so much heat. Because the heat is significantly lower, plants tend to stay green for a longer period and grow much without wilting so fast.
People who grow plants indoors and used this type of lighting noticed that they can even place the light really close to their plants because it won’t burn them.

Depending on what type of plant you wish to grow, it might need more or less light. For an example, strawberries can really thrive if you provide them the necessary humid conditions and several LED bulbs which will give them the enough amount of light. Tomatoes also need lots of light, so if you set the led lights to a maximum level, they will continuously grow.
All green vegetables such as lettuce or spinach grow really good if they are put under these LED lights and they can even resist to cold in the night, of course, only indoors.
LED grow lights will make your herbs grow in no time, and all of this without much of your effort either, since different plants such as rosemary don’t have problems with surviving in indoors environments.
LED grow lights for indoor plants have really much to offer, taking into consideration their low electricity consumption, yet their really long lasting. While incandescent bulbs could burn plants’ leaves, the LED lights won’t ever do that and they will also be able to emit a really high intensity light without even warming one leaf.
The needs of a growing plant can differ depending on the place it usually grows in the nature and the amount of light it requires. LED grow lights can provide all the light a plant needs, they are easy to set, they consume low amounts of electricity and the lifespan of a bulb goes up to about nine years, if continuously used.


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    • morgan968 profile image

      morgan968 4 years ago

      Growing with LED lighting is the way forward to be going, They have so many benefits over standard lights. This year I will be replacing mine with LED's, thank you for sharing. I did find some brilliant advise with this other article which has helped me grow indoors.