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Growing Into Life

Updated on October 12, 2011

Anticipation Was Half The Fun

I can remember "back in the day" when kids had to "grow into" stuff. We had to wait until we were older in order to be able to do certain things. Little girls didn't get to even wear make-up until we were well into our teens. At least not where Mama and Daddy could see us. More than a few nights did I hole up in my room and give myself a make-over worthy of ten Glamour Shots - either with my sister's hand-me-down make-up - or some that I had diligently saved my money for and proudly purchased at the dime store. In any case, I knew my face better be squeaky clean by the time I stuck my nose outside the house.

There were places you couldn't go, movies you couldn't see - all sorts of things you couldn't do until you "grew into" them. Another biggie was clothes we weren't allowed to wear because they were too grown up looking. There were a few times that I eagerly anticipated growing into a coveted dress of my sister's. Anticipation could be half the fun of getting. That was the reason that playing dress-up was such a popular thing for little girls to do. You don't hear much about little girls doing that anymore. In this day and time..too many young girls dress like grown women - which, in my opinion, is not a good thing.

In fact, most kids nowadays are not taught that they have to grow into anything. They grow up expecting instant gratification. I teach middle school, and I see 5th grade girls with salon nails so long that they can't type on a keyboard. Girls and boys with permanent tattoos - which either their parents allowed them to get - or some other irresponsible adult applied to a child's body. Don't adults know that middle school kids don't have the maturity to make such a drastic and permanent decision about altering their bodies? There is supposed to be a difference in adult thinking and childish thinking. Not so much anymore!

I believe that a very important aspect of growing and maturing is learning patience, and realizing that not all of our wants are going to materialize immediately. I think that the waiting time is also the maturing time of our lives; and if we grow up never having to want for anything - never having to grow into anything - then we never get a chance to mature and become responsible adults. Perhaps that explains some of the idiotic behaviors that we see going on today!! But....that is a whole 'nother blog.


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    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

      I can certainly side with you, I really like the purity in the human body and not adding anything permanent like tatoos or unsightly pearcings, but I guess maybe I'm an old school fuddy duddy. Thank my lucky stars my kids so far have not followed the current trend...