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How To Grow Big Hydro Medical Buds Using a Hydroponics System - Part 1

Updated on October 21, 2011

Many growers of legal medical marijuana swear by using hydroponics and they refuse to even think about using soil.

On the other hand you have those growers that swear on using organics. In the end I suppose it’s all comes down to the preference of the grower. For me, hydro is the way as far as indoor gardening goes.

Growing with hydro is somewhat tougher and not as forgiving as soil, but plant growth is considerably faster and in a lot of cases bigger.

Growing hydroponically is a process where a plant is grown in a medium without soil and the roots are allowed to feed off of a supply of water that is nutrient rich compared to the roots being in soil.

The roots having a steady supply of oxygen is a main reason why this helps the plant grow faster and sometimes bigger since they dangle freely into the nutrient rich water.

When grown in soil the plants lack about 90% of the oxygen than those from a hydroponic system.

This way of growing makes sure that your plants are getting the optimal amount of nutes that it needs. If you want tremendous quality legal medical grade marijuana plants, it all starts with a nice healthy system of roots. This is very important.

An excellent way to do this is by taking a cutting or clone and begin its growing stage in a soil-less medium like Rockwool, peat pellets, or coconut fiber. When the roots start to break through from the medium, then comes the time to move the cuttings into a net pot already filled with the clay pellets or another type of grow rocks.

Eventually the roots will maneuver themselves around the rocks and then work their way down into the nutrient reservoir.

When growing with hydroponics make sure your water is at room temperature and the ph balance is around 5- 5.5.

Growing in soil would require a higher ph around 6.

When growing hydro the nutrients are the most important thing because the plants rely strictly on the nutes that are in the water. It would be a good idea to do some research and figure out which nutrients will be best for your plants.

There are a lot of good brands to choose from online and you can just google "nutrient solution for hydroponic marijuana”. Advanced Nutrients are a great one but they are a little on the expensive side but perhaps the best available. Nutes that come in a complete package with secondary nutrients included would be a great decision if you’re a novice grower. B.C recipe for success kit with Awesome Blossoms and Thrive Alive is a good one to start with.

A great thing about purchasing your nutes in a kit or a package is that they come with a guide chart that lets you know exactly how much solution to add in the different growth stages for you plants.


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      Guest 6 years ago

      I consistently get the best results when I use Advanced Nutrients in my hydroponics.