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Growing parsley from seed- Tips and tricks to germinating your parsley seed.

Updated on October 7, 2010

Growing from seed is simple.

Growing parsley from seed is simple. You will find that it won't take very long either. The following is a list of tips that should help make life easier when you grow your seeds. First of you can buy parsley seeds or if you already have parsley growing at home then you can collect the seeds from the plant before they drop on to the ground. Ocasionaly you might find tat some of the seeds you collect won't always grow, but hey thats life!

What not to do.

Do not palnt your seeds directly in the ground. It' not that they won't grow if you do this. Its just that you can get much greater results if you plant them in to a more controled enviroment first. 

Use a seed raising tray.

Plant your parsley in to a seed raising tray and use a good quality seed raising mix. Seed raising mix is different from normal potting compost as it is much lighter and normaly contains a funguscide /This is important as it will help prevet the parsley seeds from damping off, which if the number one problem that home gardeners have when they are trying to germinate herb seeds.

Evenly sprinkle the seeds on top of your seed raising mix. Get a small handfull of the mix and place it over the seeds. You do not want the seeds covered to deep as this will prevent them from germinating. 

We can not swim. Please do not drown us!

After you have covered the seeds you need to moisten the soil. I said "moisten" not "soak." The best way to this is to use a hand trigger spray bottle. Fill it up with water and give the seed tray four or five squirts. 

Lets make things so dam HOT!

the next step is to get a clear plastic bag or cling wrap and cover the seed tray up with it. You have now in effect created a super cheap and effective mini green house. It is important to make sure the plastic is sealed properly as this will prevent the water from evaporating and cause the tray to dry out. Open the seal every two or three day to make sure there is still plenty of moister and just to freshen the air.

Have more patience than a Buddhist monk.

Parsley seeds take a tad longer to germinate than some of the other herbs do. Just be patient and it will grow in about two to thre weeks. Once the seedlings have reached about 2 inches (5cm) it is time to gently take them out of the seed raising tray and plant them in to you herb garden. for more infomation on how to grow parsley plants click here


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    • profile image

      Jean from Aberdeen 6 years ago

      I found this most helpful. I had already collected seeds from a parsley plant and so did not have a little seed packet to consult. Thank you!


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