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Growing tomato plants without tomato wire

Updated on August 16, 2012
Initial pole placement.
Initial pole placement. | Source

Placing the pole

You do not need to have tomato wire, or a tomato box, to grow tomato plants successfully. All you need is some sort of pole and some string or twine, and you can have beautiful tomato plants.

Once the tomato plants has spouted, insert some sort of pole into the ground, far enough down so it is not wobbly. You want to be sure that you do not put it too close to the root, otherwise you may pierce it with the pole and kill your plant.


During plant growth

As the plant grows, you will want to take some sort of string or twine and tie the stems to the pole. Be sure not to tie too tight or you will ruin the plant stem and kill the plant. The best way to make sure you do not tie it too tight is to use your fingers as a guide. If you can fit two fingers in between the pole and the stem then you have tied it just right! If you cannot fit your fingers into this space, you may want to loosen it to keep the plant stem safe.

The plant will grow rather quickly as you tie it to the pole. It does not matter how many ties you have, on the pole, as the more you have, then the higher the plant will grown.

Tomato wire can be expensive and you may have to replace them every year as they can ruin in the weather.

It does not matter what type of pole you use either, as long as it will last the entire plant season. I have used metal stakes as you see in the first picture. I have also used old broom handles as you see in the second picture. You will not see the pole for long as the higher the plant grows, the more covered the pole will be.

Happy growing!



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