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Gruhupravesha on Akshaya Tritiya.

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

My Friend's Daughter.

My Friend's Flat Gruhupravesha on Akshaya Tritiya.

Another View of the Flat.


Rama & Wife.

Our Friend Sharma Feasting after Pooja.

Gopalaswamy & Sharma Feasting.

Smashing Raw Sugar & Milk Holige with Milk & Ghee.

American Corn Kosambari Coconut Mix with Chilly,Salt & Lime Juice

Smashing Sandige [ Secret Recipe.]

Sweet & Sour Pinaple Gojju,Mouth Watering Mangalore Hot Dish.

Curd Curry with Rice - All Mouth Eats.

Rama with my Wife telling her to eat slowly.

Rama telling Guests to eat slowly.

A Bucket of Rice to eat with lots of Kootu & Majigehuli

Feasting On Banana Leaf Good will reduce Tryglcirides & Controls Blood Pressure.

My Friends New Home Gruhupravesha on Akshaya Tritiya.16th May 2010.

Why Akshaya Tritiya.

Once a Year
Akshaya Tritiya falls on the third day of the bright half of Vaishakh month (April-May), when the Sun and Moon are in exaltation; they are simultaneously at their peak of brightness, which happens only once every year.

Holy Day
Akshaya Tritiya, also known as "Akha Teej", is traditionally the birthday of Lord Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The Golden Link
The word "Akshaya" means imperishable or eternal - that which never diminishes. Initiations made or valuables bought on this day are considered to bring success or good fortune. Buying gold is a popular activity on Akshaya Tritiya, as it is the ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity. Gold and gold jewelry bought and worn on this day signify never diminishing good fortune. Indians celebrate weddings, begin new business ventures, and even plan long journeys on this day.

Myths & Legends
The day also marks the beginning of the "SatyaYug" or the Goldan Age the first of the 4 Yugas In the "Puranas", the holy Hindu scriptures, there is a story that says that on this day of Akshay Tritiya Vedavyas along with Ganesha started writing the great epic Mahabharata Ganga Devi or Mother Ganges also descended to earth on this day.

Bright Births
It is also believed that people born during this time shine bright in life. Many luminaries were born during this period:

1 ) Basaveshwara born on May 4,

2 ) Ramanujacharya on May 6.

3 ) Adi Shankara on May 6,

4 ) Swami Chinmayananda on May 8.

5 ) and Lord Bhudha on May 16.

There may be thousands born on this day and not only these people but for our guidance and comfort this day we select to get any thing good done with POOJA'S & FEASTS inviting relatives and friends.

Lady's dress in colorful clothes wear Gold Jewels like Armor shields.

Men dress in designer kurthas and wear Jewels like Lady's.

Our Friend Rama did celebrate his new home Gruhupravesha with pooja on Akshaya Tritiya day and feastedĀ  all his relatives & friends.

Men in Half Clad cotton sheets tied around their bulging tummy's prepare smashing mouth watering sweets,hot curry's,sweet Curry's,milk curry's,milk & Coconut with Raw Sugar Payasa at the bottom right hand corner of the Banana Leaf Feasting picture gives a mouth watering taste.Other dishes come smashing right at the same spot as it was put by the moment you eat that spot with large spoons and buckets held by the Holy Brahmin's with their Holy threads 9 in number as strong as it could be to hang those wearers who show it right on top of their chestĀ  who will fill it up unless you put your hand across the Banana Leaf so that they don't smash the dish on your Banana Leaf.

The Feast is started with Rice & Kootu - 300 Kl.----- 1

This is followed by Rice & Kootu with Majjigehuli - 300 Kl ---- 2

Next course is again Rice with Rasam or Mysore Saru - 300Kl ---3

Now you have to Cool your stomach with Sweet Raw Sugar & Milk Payasa -300Kl ---- 4

Again time to get Hot with Tamarind Rice with Spices - 300 Kl ---- 5.

Now Munch sweet Holige with Milk & Ghee 300 Kl --------- 6.

Just than drops Mysore Potato Bonda ( like Hand Made Grenades Size ) - 2 Nos 250 Kl --7.

Now Bite Jelebi ouch ouch and swallow 2 Nos. 250 Kl ----- 8.

Again its Rice in Buckets sprayed like AK 47 on your Banana Leaf 250 Kl ---- 9

Everything gets rested on top with fresh CURDS that go with Rice to be completed in just under 30 minutes and all will get up to wash their hands smeared with curd rice some go licking their hand till wash Basin.


Ops its PAN to chew & Spit Blood like liquid from their mouths to digest that 2800 Kl as you walk away with a plastic bag containing coconut,Betel Leaves & Nuts as presents.

Rama must be tired and resting as I write this on his Life's achievement.


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    • profile image

      sharma 7 years ago

      yes, i was present on this grand occassion too. Ganu (skgrao) has been a shutterbug since i remember from college days.

      he never steps out without his faithful canon and never misses the right moments ! feast for eyes !!