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Guide To Home Flooring Options

Updated on January 26, 2012

Having great flooring in your home can really give off the right comfort feeling that you are looking for and at the same time a great home flooring can really increase your overall home value. There are simply so many different home flooring options available on the market today and it can be really hard for a homeowner to choose between the best home flooring option that fit their lifestyle and design taste. Some of the more popular and reliable types of home flooring that you can use in your home are hardwood, carpet, stone, and marble.

Hardwood Flooring – Classy and Elegant

Of all the types of home flooring options, perhaps the most popular ones that you find in today’s modern homes are the hardwood flooring. These types of flooring can really give you that luxury look that you might be after and at the same time it is priced very reasonably so that many families can have access to it. The greatest benefit of hardwood flooring is that it is long lasting. They do however, require some form of maintenance every so often and are prone to scratches and water damage. There are many different varieties of woods available out there for hardwood flooring and each will have its own pros and cons. The best way to get a better feel for them is to go to your local home improvement warehouse that offers demo pieces of these hardwoods.

Carpet – Warm and Comforting

The most traditional type of home flooring is carpet flooring. These can provide warmth and comfort for your feet and they can quickly make any home feel comfortable. Carpet flooring is very well priced and installation should be quick and easy. The biggest downside to carpet flooring is that it can be hard to clean and can require regular vacuuming and carpet shampooing. There are many different types of carpet flooring available and the carpet strand length can vary greatly.

Marble – Grand and Luxurious

If you want to go bold and make a statement, then marble is perhaps the finest flooring material that you can go after. Marble comes at a high price, but is extremely long lasting and requires very little maintenance. They add a certain shine and appeal to your home and upon entering your house, guest will immediately be in awe at how your marble floor just seemingly shine and stand out.

Stone – Timeless and Unique

Stone flooring adds a kind of rustic appeal to your home and can give any home that more traditional look. Typically, you will find stone flooring being assembled in small tiles and they can also have some patterns through them as well. Stone flooring can come in various earth toned colors and make a great addition to Tuscan style homes.

Deciding on the right home flooring will come down to your own personal taste and your needs. A good idea is to use various different types of flooring styles throughout your home. Using multiple style of flooring can really allow you to have the best flooring for any room.


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